how to treat the girlfriend?

:evil: i was not in mood in these days,for my girlfriend didn’t answer my phone!i don’t know why!what i have done wrong?from her friend i got that she got jealouse for i calling a girl for several times!!i do not now to to explain to her,i just love her,but … can you guys give me some suggestions?? :?:

It seems that she’s stringing you along, meladdo, pulling your leg while you’re pulling out all the stops to please her, you know what i’m saying? If I were you I would say to her “Get off my back !!” and break off the relations.

Hi neverland.

I think that huge gap originallyexists between male and female.
Especially, When some problem take relationship of couple, how to sove the problem is very different each.

So I think that you and your girl-friend need to conversation of bif problem each other.
Only this method can solve or may solve problems.


This is what women do:

They make you work your tail off to please them. They think they’re doing this because (they think that…) once they give it up, you won’t work so hard.

But they’re just being mean.


my last post was in jest, of course (ducks another lobbed tomato).


I, for one, wasn’t going to throw tomatoes at you, honest (only because they’re not cheap, ripe and juicy enough yet, mind you)! :evil:

Conchita, hehe

Seriously, I’d give the phone a rest for a few days.

This might give her a chance to simmer down. She’ll realize that you haven’t called, and I bet she will call you.

This advice could work IF she likes you. If she doesn’t like you, then by calling her you’re just bugging her, and if you stop calling her… she probably won’t call back.

But it sounds like she likes you, so take it easy on the phone calls. Give her a little space. And for goodness’s sake, don’t do anything dumb around other girls.

That’s my take on it, anyway.