Dear Sir

I was under impression that reading newspaper and books will help me to improve my english . I read a lot but when I sit for putting my idea’s on paper , either it is its totally blank or with n number of grammatical mistakes . I understand , for effective communication , thinking itself should be in English , then only one can speak and write.

My question is , how far this is true .What steps need to be followed in order to improve communication skill in english . I am desperate to improve english and no one can ever get better forum than this. Please help

Anita Bhadra

I suppose it’s best to surround yourself with English speaking people. Perhaps you could also place yourself in a situation where you are forced to speak no other language but English. I learned how to speak in semi-fluent English through my classmates more so than I have ever learned in a book alone. My downfall is that I never really paid much attention to grammar rules. I do realize that what I’m suggesting isn’t practical for most but if you have someone to practice your english with, (perhaps a willing skype buddy) then all the better. I would volunteer but at this point I may only serve to confuse you as I’m not that proficient myself. Perhaps someone who can better explain the nitty-gritty of gerunds and “all that stuff” (which Ive yet to learn) would be more qualified.

Perhaps this link can also be of aid to the both of us ^_~ … onds_a_day