How to terrorize the terrorists and terrorism?

How to terrorize the terrorists and terrorism.


Burn their houses.

Rape their mothers and sisters.

Bomb their fathers and brothers.

Loot their land and property.

Spray acid on their forests and fields.

Put poison in their water.

Don’t praise them as Terrorists of Terrorism, heartily call them Whorescunts of the Whorescuntism.

I don’t think no bastards want to be called as Whorescunts.

If you practise above Rough and ready guide constantly and continuously for 6 months’ time, nobody will be a terrorist and will worship terrorIsm anymore, for good.

What’s more, they will adore themselves as The beggars, their true characters.

Trust me.

Have Fun!

Terrorists are just the scarEd maggots of our society, not the scarY ones at all.

A free tip for the international Police, MIs and Peace loving society.

Free tip 2

How to trace and waste terrorists.

Set up a some million buck- fund.

Set up Fake terrorism media, camps, associations etc. with Fake workforce and environment like trainers, preachers, demagogues, whores clubs, cushy bars, language schools etc, etc.

Recruit them, feed them well , pay them well. Make them heroes and heroines.

And bomb them when they’re sleeping soundly. Exactly at 3 a.m.

At the same time of course, all the vines traced linked to them.

You’ll find later terrorists become endangered species.

Have Fun!

There is no laws to fight terrorism. Terrorize them. Very simple.

Most of the developed nations wasted, and are wasting some hundreds billion bucks to fight whorescuntism.

Of which we can develop a life-time peaceful wealthy societies. Be wise, don’t waste and eat on the funds of flesh and blood.

Why not simply waste the worthless whorescunts. Instead of valuable greenbacks for your families.

Have Fun!

Sorry, being a lawyer, I smell you are an extremist! Though I believe you are not that.

Fortunately, no country think like you think.

Gun is never an only solution to stop the all illegal activities.

You need good and honest mind as well.

So,first please be free from Means rea.

Well, how would you expertly end this problem?

Don’t try to preach me for after reading a paragraph from Wiki everyone can be a preacher.

Say what would you do to eliminate this menace?

I would use a nuke to kill them.

Have Fun!

Yes, have a fun!

Please read about the nonviolence movement by Gandhi in India. His disciple was Mr Luther king, later one is Mandela!

Read, you will know the essence of peace.

Bombing makes another bombing. I am not against the power, neither does diplomacy, but these should be used much more prudential ways. Violence never brings you happiness. One violence creates several ones.

This is the true history of mankind.

I wonder how Fascism disappeared for good from earth after the Nukes. A perfect example.

Cos’ it was eliminated and eradicated by only couple of Nukes which have saved billions of peaceful mankind living free of it. I love it.

Which law and how many kind of laws are you going to apply to fight whorescuntism?

If you could , you could be a living god.

Have Fun!

Don’t name drop poor Gandhi and King who were gunned down, by whom? Whorescunts?
Your argument is so weak, I won’t hire you as my lawyer, no way. I could be hanged by your wishy washy pleas. You should go back to school and learn for 10 years more. Good luck!


It seems you are almost sick man!

Not me,no other lawyer can save you from the court eye as you are in a rut.

Have a fun!

I trust the other 99.99% of lawyers would do. Mr. Law Pompous.

Have Fun.

I respect everybody’s thinking first!

Quazi is not “Mr Pompous” but ‘Mr Since 30 years’ ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Torsten, Please see what my admirers said about me on my web site!

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Then please pollute your own site rather than spamming ours.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Sorry, I don’t do anything that here! But you are scourging over me again and again!

As I am a law abide by citizen and also holder of Law degree and Business degree I always try to make you to understand some moron people that “Ignorance of law there is no excuse.” But who cares?

Hold yourself and I will be. I don’t underestimate you(you must have gotten some hings from the authenticated authority by this time!).And, don’t underestimate anybody too!


Well, if you do want us to take you seriously, you should start learning English. As a first step, you could correct the phrase ‘since 30 years’. However, knowing you, I don’t think you are capable of learning at all and as a result you will continue producing texts in incomprehensible English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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As it is now brand name"since 30 years" that should not be changed!

From whom, can I learn English? It makes me laugh too, from you?

When you are preaching and infesting wrong English to the fledgling people around the world, is this not better to do so to them instead me?

Never mind, what is the moral dignity of you to teach English me whose TOEFL score was pbt.609(officially expired, though it was not a good score at all!) on earth before in 2000? Do you have any official certificate in this regard? If so, please show us now?

It is an unacceptable norm to boast of having university degree, but it is not unacceptable where it is a mandatory like here, do you have please?

I have much cogent evidences on my hand that you some people make chicanery practices here. If situation demand I will show these and that at the right moment, just mind it.

So, be gentle.

“brand name”? - ROFL.
As for your ‘evidence’… bring it on! The only person indulging in chicanery is you on your money-for-substandard-services website.

Is it? Lol!

But give Quazi this: His writings always make for a good laugh ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture by a professor of History (2)[YSaerTTEW443543]

You must have learnt this ‘since 30 years’ from Martians.

Why are you so stubborn to correct something which is completely wrong. For your own sake. Because it goes against your self claimed degrees. Be wise. A stitch in time saves ?

Have fun.