How to speak polite English?


As a non-native speaker, I feel that I sometimes speak English in such a way that I end up being considered rude eventhough I didn’t mean it.
And I think this happens with many English learners. To give an example, may be not using ‘please’, ‘kindly’ in your sentences.
My question is, how can one make his/her conversation polite?
Looking forward to your tips, suggestions and opinions.


Good afternoon Deepi. I think you are perhaps being a little too sensitive.

Your English appears to be well grounded, and I feel you don’t make many mistakes in your conversations with the natives. :-))

Relax, Brits are intelligent enough to differentiate as to whether you are being intentionally rude or not.


Hello Kitos,

Very Good afternoon.
Many thanks for boosting my confidence, which is almost always low :slight_smile:
But whenever I watch any English movie, I always get attracted towards thier way of telling everything in a polite way.
I just love to speak like that. And I really don’t know how thay phrase sentences like that. Too polite!!


LOL, we don’t all speak like that Deepi. Have a walk around any major city in the UK and you will be flabbergasted at the low level of spoken English.

Many schools today are turning out … sorry, words fail me.


That’s unfortunate.
But in every country it is common with this generation itself I think.
Still it is nice to be polite isn’t it?

“Still it is nice to be polite isn’t it?”

Good morning Deepi. Yes, of course it is, and you will find that the majority of people both recognise and appreciate your politeness.


Yes that is true.
See, you wished me Good Morning (I appreciate it), which I failed to do when I first replied you this morning.
This is where I fail. I should learn all these things and of course, formalities show politeness right?

Yes they do, but formalities can be forgiven amongst friends.
I greet everyone in that way from habit developed over many years.


I would love to develop that habit too :slight_smile:
Thank you.