How to Send message to client without grammatical errors?


Myself from Kumar. i was working as a Test engineer in reputed organization. i want to know how to deliver the report without grammatical errors.

Hello Kumar,

Welcome to and many thanks for your interesting question. I suggest you read a lot of test reports that were written without any mistakes so you can learn the phrases and expressions to write such reports yourself.

By the way, where did you learn the phrase “myself from Kumar”? What is this supposed to mean? Isn’t “Kumar” the name of a person?

Let me know what you think.
Best regards,

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Dear sir,

I want to learn written and spoken english. Can you help me How can I use ESL Forum.


Dear All,

I am interested in spoken English Everybody help me so I can learn English very Fastly.


Al Kumar or Al Kamar is the moon in Arabic. It is a female forename.