How to remember the Grammer knowledge

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I think there are a lot of Grammer knowledge in English , I can’t remember all of them ,but they are very important, what can I do!!!~~~~~Help!!!~Thanks!!~
For example: thank (v ) thankness(n)…
there are many part of speech of “thank”,how can I remember them???
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first of all: don’t make it too difficult for you. Go on learning but step by step, chapter after chapter. It becomes easier for you, if you don’t have to understand too much at once.

As for word groups, you don’t have to worry too much: if for example you know what the verb ‘to thank’ means, you can assume that ‘thankful’ is someone who ‘thanks fully’, so someone who is pleased about something good that happened.
Now, what does ‘thankless’ mean? :slight_smile:


Thank you for helping !Now ,I know how to remember these words.These words are not very difficult,aren’t they?
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And ,I have a problem now :If I read some books about Gammer Knowledge,do you think that will be helpful? And ,I like read some stories in English,do you think that will be helpful? :?: :?: :!: 8) :slight_smile: :arrow: