How to pronounce "beloved" correctly?

Hello the admin of this forum

I am Adinn from Bali and just wonder the correct pronunciation of the word “beloved”
It is pronounced like words ending with the sound “t” or “d” ?as in “wanted or intended”

Or it is like i pronounce the “loved” sound?

I got confused with this. Please!

I pronounced it for you.

Thanks Mordant but how to use each? is there any difference in context?

They are precisely the same.

Hi Adinn,

You could make a case for a fine distinction between the two pronunciations. When the word is pronounced with two syllables, it is often used as a past participle to describe what is loved or highly favoured and when it is elongated to three syllables, it turns into a noun and becomes the person who is loved. In that distinction you could say: This theme is much beloved by Romantic poets who are addressing their beloved.


Hi Mordant and Alan

I thank you so much for the clear explanation and also the voice message you made. Now it’s clear for me.

best regard