How to make friends

i can`t make friends there

Were is “there” Katie?

on this web-site

You mean
"Here"on this website I think :slight_smile:

Here is right were you are standing Katie.

I am not a senior member “here” Katie
but you are very welcome “here” as far as I am concerned.

Is it still cold “there” in Belarus?

why do people always think that it is cold there? it`s not true. now winters are not so cold/ now we have 20:38 and +4C

Hi Katie,
I found your thread interesting. Where your country is located? How much population it has? :slight_smile:


it`s the center of europe/population 9.5 mln

Mixmixi, what is a better place to be?

Hello Katie,

Why would you say that it is hard to make friends here? I have seen quite a few people having a delightful exchange of stories, ideas, interest, jokes (good and bad) and all other things you can think of with a set of PC and a good headset. You are quite interesting. Now I am really-really curious about you and want to be your friend :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, Katie. When you said that in winters at 20:38 Belarus has a temperature of +4 degrees Celsius, that is cold for me. Seriously. I could turn into an iceblock in Belarus. I come from a tropical country, you see. And the coolest nights we could have up here, if we are lucky that is, is bout 18 - 21 degrees Celsius. But I am definitely in for the experience for being an iceblock LOL!

Oh, hi there Ambivalent.Lurker. Thanks for your post in my topic. I take it that you are also a big movie goer. Have you figured out that last quote?

Hello Miximi. I have to thank you too for posting on a topic that I started. Care to guess my last quote?

Hi Katie,
It depends on you my friend. You may assume wherever you like to be as a better place to be. :slight_smile:

Hi YI,
Look at the topic man, I guess I have unlocked it for you. LOL


Well Katie my friend - what about Katyufka here … _day_makes

Do you live near each other Katie maybe heres another Friend close to you?


Ηι Κατιε,

You might not strike up friendships here, but you will most certainly find the immense resources of this site useful.

Hi Katie, you certainly will make even more friends here if you start sticking to basic rules of the English language. After all, our site is for people who want to improve their English. For example, in English we start every sentence with a capital letter and we also capitalize the word ‘I’. I’m sure you are aware of this? So, your first true friend on this forum might become the English language.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: Why doesn’t the young man want to assume the family business?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Let’s make friends:

hey evreyone .
it’s too easy to make friends…
let’s put our e-mail and we can make friends,we can become acquaintance .
this is mine :
I’m from Morocco,so if you want to talk with me,it’s easy add me

LOL, there is not such Domain name in existence to provide you email services King16. Are you trying to collect email addresses?!


Welcome to the forum Katie!!! :slight_smile: The Geographic Center of Europe is located in Lithuania. It’s not so far from our capital city - Vilnius. There is the center of Europe :slight_smile:

Hi katie,
this is hakeem ,you know that when I entered to this fourm , i cant brik the ace i mean intreduce my self, but now a days I can write some thing and i can share my won theory, opinion here and i found alotof friends here and i really enjoy to find meself here and wish to be hare for ever and ever .