How to make a sentence with 'You can't and you do not'?

Hi English Experts,
I am not good at speaking English. I am here to gain something which helps to improve my written skills in English. I wish you will help me.
Question No:1.
Could anyone explain me How to make a line starting with words You can not … and you do not …and rules to follow?

Question No:2.
What’s the meaning of below sentences? 1.She is off to Canada next week?
2.I am just going off to the shops.
I mean, I haven’t get meaning of <is off (= verb beform + off) > and .
3.I hate having my picture taken.

Please correct me If I made grammatical mistake.
Thanks in advance.

You can not imagine how glad she was to see you.
You do not (don’t) have to work today.

She is going to Canada next week.

I’m just leaving the house to go shopping.

I hate it when someoby takes a picture of me.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Catering service is calling a customer[YSaerTTEW443543]

You can not drive the car as you have no licence.
If you do not like this vegetable don’t eat it
You do not have to write your name here as it is already there.
You can not go down by lift as it is not working
please correct me
thank you

No corrections to use of do not and can not are necessary, well done.

Just two little things:
Take care to end all sentences with a full stop (or equivalent) and begin them with a capital letter.
It would be better to say ‘… in the lift’ rather than ‘by lift’.

Your sentences don’t look childish, they just appear simple. By using descriptive words your sentences can become longer and more elaborate. Or combining one ore more of your sentences.

Let me show you how i would rephrase what you have already writtin.

Hello! I am a twenty one year old Japenese Student! I have been studying english since junior high, but i still can’t write english correctly, or write use long sentences. My sentences are always short, and I think that is childish. I want to write mature English! Can anyone give me any helpful advice?
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