How to live your life happily .

Dear Friends,

Do you know how to live your life happily? And are you happy now?

No.? Because you are poor, or rich?
Not powerful?

Still No.?

So what?

Kind regards.

Dear Kyaw!
I can say, that I’m happy, and not only now, but even when I’m sad. …and I can say, that I’m one of the happiest person in the world…because I’ve hope! Hope in the eternal life.
Maybe you’re thinking now that I was never sad or I had not any problems…No. I’ve problems…but I know, that my God (Who died for me, for my sins) is always with me, and I feel that He helps me in the hardest situation…and, of course, He never leaved me in the lurch.
I don’t know, how you understand my words, but I feel, I should retell you this.
Almost everything depends on you, dear Kyaw.

Dear Maryjam,

You look so young to me, but I can see a lot of wisdom in you. That I respect. I’m really happy to see you as a wise young lady. Live on my dear…
As for me. I still need to cleanse my unintentional but unavoidable sins that I’ve done, before I’m stepping into next life. I must.

All the best for now.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw,
Thank you.
Yes, you’re right, I’m surely/certainly too young to you.
What this sentence actually means, I don’t think, that I understood it completely: “Live on my dear…”
I don’t know according what you’re live your life…but you should taken into account, that only the God can forgive our sins, nobody else….I don’t know, if you have a Bible (the only one Holy book in the World, because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit). And there is written: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
What do you mean under the:”next life” that you’ll bear once again? So what’s the aim (purpose, sense) of the Heaven and hell? Nothing…It’s not true…We haven’t any other opportunities, only here in this life to ask for our sins, that this be forgiven…
You know, that I don’t like quarrel with you (and with nobody)…but I feel, that you should hear about the Eternal Life…about the God…and of course it depends on you: you can accept it, and you can refuse it.
I know, you’re a wise teacher, and I like the wise teachers… therefore I don’t want that by mistake or one’s fault or your own unbelief/disbelief you want to the hell, because I want to meet with you in the Heaven.
Maybe you’re don’t like my words (but this is not my words, I’m not as wise, as you said, this is the Bible Words, God Words, and I only retold to you…)

Ps.: may I ask you to correct my mistakes.(I feel I made some of them, maybe more than some.) Thank you in advance.
“All the best for now” means: with the best wishes?

The best wishes.

Dear Marianna,

I mean live on ( carry on living) your happy, beautiful life.
All the best for now is almost the same as the best wishes, I believe.

I don’t have a Bible, my dear. I’m a true Buddhist ( not strong of fake believer ).
I respect all religions and their believers, I don’t have any prejudice of religion.
No religion teaches to kill, to steal, to lie, to drink, to torture, to rape, to exploit human to human , to rob, I believe.

I found your English is not bad at all. Most important role of a language is to communicate, I believe, thinking back of stone age.

kindest regards,

Practise tests on the English Test Net, my dear. They are really good. I’ve myself improved a lot by practising them.

Dear Kyaw, thank you your explanation, I always learn smth. with the conversation with you. I like practising with those tests.
You know, I think, that only one counts/is important, that we know: our Creator prepared a place for us, and we should be all set to go into…because He died for our sins…nobody else. And nobody else could forgive our sins…
I like this forum, and if I can I’ll create a topic. It’s so interesting to retell smth.
Almost every time, when I’m “speaking” with you, I have question(s). For example now I can’t really understand this one: “thinking back of stone age”.
kindest regards

Dear Maranna,
Ah, I mean we started to communicate each other since stone age. Yes, we started, gru gru gra gra etc… together with sign language. lol. Now you speak Ukrainian and I speak Burmese and we’re both trying to speak English fluently. My dear…
Have you done something good in any way for anyone today? Don’t forget this very forgettable thing. God’s watching you.

kindest regards.

Dear Kyaw, I get to know you when I came here, in the forum. (after Alan and Torsen you was). I don’t believe in the previous life. It has no sense. So you don’t believe in the Heaven and the hell (or smth. what is according to your religion).
I know, that God watching me and you and to the whole world. and of course I’m trying to live according to His words with His help.
I’m going to do.
kindest regards.

Dear Marianna,

How wise and gracious of you.

All the best for now .

Kindest regards.

Dear Kyaw,

It’s not wise, it’s only the logic and nothing more.

All the best for now.(I like this expsession).
Kindest regards.
have a nice day.

I can say that I am happy because my family is healthy, I have got a job and a nice home. This is great but there still are some things that make me sad. It’s because I am single, because I have never been to holiday and so on… I know, that these things are small.


Am I happy? Ya I should be very happy because I am here chatting with you to improve my English. How many people have this blessing at this time and moment? I think about the people who are sick, unable to care for self because of illness, car accident, birth defect, etc.
Do I have everything I desired? No, but I should be happy for what I have and continue working and be thankful.
I don’t think anybody will say yes I have everything I needed, because as human being, we desire more and more. I think it is a good thing because it allows as growing.

I would like to get feedback if it is possible,


i am happy since my girl left me. i 'll be happy again when i have new one. more gorgeous one, happier.