How to live without money

Anyone ever fancied or even tried this?

Not me! I wouldn’t try to live this sort of life, I couldn’t.
Not a single day. I’m not that bored yet.
They seem to feel free and happy, apart from civilization and money. I believe them.
I saw a wish list - they need blankets, so maybe Steelnlace, if he sees this …


Well Mons I was actually just dozing along nicely getting quite interested until the girl started explaining the toilet arrangements! - Wow!! “Reality Check” That kinda took the wind out of my sails a bit I have to say! :frowning:

The ex army guy seemed to be enjoying it - he’s the sort of guy it might work long term with. Good place for Kitos to chill out during the summer months :slight_smile:

Oh, miserable to see them. Are they fishing for aids or wot?

I think you might like it, what do you think about the Girl at the start Do you think you could beat her in a fight?

Living off the grid is not smart at all.
It’s all well and good if you’re young and healthy. What if you get really sick and will die without medical intervention. Why reinvent the wheel? It’s an act of defiance towards government, and it’s not thought out well enough.
I see no point.

I more or less agree and I suppose a lot of kids are wanting to express themselves in a transitional period of growing up but regarding the UK you don’t need health insurance if you get sick someone rings an ambulance and it comes you can go to the doctor for whatever you need also. A lot of other places might be very different, then again some people never get sick- I know a few!

But its the toilets that would get me I ain’t sharing toilets with no hippies!! :slight_smile:

Great the photo Mr PL,

Is that real you or Brad in the Pit( t )? I think Brad Pitt should strengthen his barrier. He may lose his job.

And don’t forget to share me some of you fans who you can’t give a time.

-In fact, I kinda like the way the people have a life there.

I used to be in their styles. You don’t know I envy hippies and gypsies for their unique life styles.

Kinda cool.

But when I got older I lost my courage and I prefer richish life only.

  • Hahaha, with that girl in a fight.

I think you know that I’m a martial art man as well.

But you don’t know, she would beat me down in a minute. I can see it in her eyes. Cool eyes but really tough ones.

Have fun mate.

Thanks for the video I can learn things and the way they speak. Great.

We all adults know to be Defiant in all aspects of one’s youth life pays nothing.

Educations and disciplines pay them their decent future.

I could have been a doctor or an engineer who’s having a rich life now if I were a bit more disciplined and paid more attentions to my educations.

Now it’s too late.

Oh, just a thought.

Thank you Mr. PL, I don’t want to spoil your post.

Another “Wow” to the shower room! I wonder what is that lacerated umbrella doing up there.

It’s weird that someone who comes from the civilized world can speak so positively about everything here. Still, they look sincere. Maybe, by presenting so enthusiastically the place, they’re trying to persuade themselves, not us, that it can be named “home”.

There are moments in life when many people want something else.
And this is more than something else, it’s completely different.

I would say a lot of them are just average people trying to guarantee getting Laid because Mummy and Daddy is out of the picture for a while - they call it all these exotic names but I would just call it “Shagging”