How to learn English?


Dear Torsten
I am sorry about my absence for a long time ,and there is no the future ,i will come here for learning english with everyone.


Hi Torsten,

Good Evening.

I am fine. how about you? I am going to improve my english skills to the following methods.

  1. Reading Newspapers
  2. Watching Movies
  3. Watching News (CNN, BBC)
  4. and Online tutorials.

is this ok torsten. reply ASAP.



Hi every body we can learn English by practising with some one or with your own self. This is my opnion


Hi, I try to listen to BBC news, and I do a lot of exercises (translate from Russian into English).


Helo teacher. I would llke t o take the English lessons for free as I have initially indicated. The problem now is that I am preparing for a GRE and TOEFL exaSm. The preparation is it is taking most of my time. I will have to take the English lessons as soon as I am over with the exams. Please bear with me.

by mpho Batlhophi(


hi sunflower,
I am happy when i read your ideas. I saw a little of mine in your story. I am trying to learn E with hopeness that i will travel around the world. But i know, now, my English haven’t been enough to fly away this contryside. Tell as you, “there is no magic recipes to learn English”, just need try, confident, work hard and belief. Besides textbook, i try to read newspaper in English and watch my favorite movies with subtitle English or without subtitle. There are several ways to learn E effectively, i think.
I belive I can do it and everyone can do it.
And please, help me, and correct to my grammar. Thanks all.



it’s a good idea when you learn english like this way , thanks alot




To learn English/any Language, you should have more interest than knowledge.
Secondly you should not feel shyness when you talk with others, at the same time
you should watch them when they talk with you and others. When you read
English books, like magazine or paper, you can note down hard words which you
never used before and knowing the meaning you should start using the words
and sentences when you write letters/takking with friends.

For English Listening and accent/pronounciation is very very important, that you
can listen other learners MP3 and Toeic listening Exercises and you can practice
your voice in Voice Recorder and you can listen yourself how you are improved.
Finally you should keep attending in the English-Test-Net where your talent and
skill will evaluated by the Forum.

Wish yoou All the Best.




Dear Teacher,

Thank you for your cooperation, supports & created this platform to all of us for developing english language.

I know sir, without daily practics of speaking, reading, writing & listeing we are not able to achive our aim.

And secondly guidance is most important part, where we are make mistake?, where we using wrong word, and how can we correct these mistakes.

I think this is the way of learning.

Thanks & Regards,
Vandesh Tambat


Hello everybody!!!
I’m from Russia,but now I live in Australia, so I speak English everyday. Everyday I’m learning, after 7 month what I spend here I think my English become much better.



Hi Torsten
many ways are for learning english:
1-I think the better one is communication with english spoken people same as olya
2-Listening to short english audio files then repeating it aloud.
3-Have some simple dialogs


I think the best way to learn English is that you have to practice the language by listening to the films and videos and follow up the pronunciation and new vocabulary. Trying to communicate with the internationals of English native speakers. Sometimes try to speak the language when you are alone in your room. These are the ways I am trying to improve my pronunciation and speaking.

All the best


Hi Torsten,
You are right.I agree your opinion.My experience are listen,talk,read,write everyday if possible.I carry my dictionary all the time.If you want improve of memory that your have to do it. And also I think if you have presure that you learn quickly.I live in U.S.A.When I go out I have to speak English.We need to understand each other.That’s a first reason to push me .Now I am taking cake decoration class.I have to follow an instructor what she say and what i need to do for next step.Good luck everyone! Thank you Torsten for face back.See you next time.
Best regards


Hi friends of English;

The way I learn English more efficiently is by listening plenty of articles, all talking of different interesting topics and as well reading as
much as I can.
I’m a teacher and I teach Spanish, French and English. I do love teaching and this my real devotion, then I put a lot of love and passion in what I do. Teaching is the best way ones could imagine to learn. Apart from being highly rewarding. You make a lot of friends and it’s very positive. I encourage students to teach and prepare things for children and so on.


Hello!! Torsten…
Well…If i mention my way of learning .I almost try every thing.I read stories book and novels .Watch Movies & listen songs.and try to little bit chatting in English,and do tests,check my English level throw the test, I do almost every thing…Don’t Study Grammar rules .throw making the chart of all the tenses .an other thing which i do a lot remind the new words to increased vocabulary .I never listen audio lessons before .this is the 1st time you send me audio lesson, And it works i like to listen Sue .It helps me in pronunciation . I copy her way of talking and learn the correct pronunciation of the words .
thank you …


yes if you can try some thing you can learn HADAR


Hi All!

The best way I guess is to read and listen something which you find interesting. Like I love to watch cartoon movies so I prefer to watch the one having dialogues in the written form also so that while listening I can read them as well.




hi Torsten.
i am trang. i from viet nam.
how do you do.
my favourite methods to learning english are listen cassettes and read magazines articles in english. however i don’t listen all their speech. i hope my listening skills will improve soon.


Hi Torsten,

I am listening local daily news and speak English every day because I live in North America where English is the country’s official language. I understand the listening lessons that was send to me. How can I improve better English language is a question. I just think I lots of improvement. Perhape in a area about reading and writing skills. What do you think?

Thanks Ting


I am new here and I don’t know what I need do.