How to learn English?


my progress report making me more confident but I am not satisfied with the below 80% , so I am trying my best in my leisure time to improve it


set a target and go for it, you must read English newspaper to improve your language skill because it will improve your vocabulary


I need five post to be a frequent member of this popular site and I am going to achieve it today


Your english lessons are very usefull. Thanks a lot. but how to manage our time to follow all the lesson so that will be effective and efficient. I mean that like a schedule. Thank you very much.


Now a can express my feeling better than, when a began.
I trust the way of learning english faster is to take a 30 min per day listen audio programs and taking an hour per day in reading paper in english. Than you can attend perfection quickly


Dear Torsten
Thanks alot

For improve english there are many ways to learn ,but the most importanting should be reading enlish book every day, listening english lesson from CD rom or what ever , whatch enlish TV , movies english , do home work every day , and speaking english with other one in english these are the best ways how to improve for english learners for my opinion

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I often try to see movies without subtitles for being more concentrated on listening.


hi everybody.reading newspapers and talking 2friends,colleques and listening channels broadcasting in english can help improving our english i better now than last year,so it works,thanks 2my teacher.yours sizeka solomon


Hi Torsten
hi everybody
There is wonderful site for studing English. Thanks.
I received a lot of reading skills, I understand more and more information.
I am trying to fulfill tests after that I am analysing my mistakes and so I improve my grammar skills.
Auding is the most difficult work for me and I realize only elementary information.
But what i can do with speaking??? Could you recommend me some advice. I haven’t any speaking practice.
Elementary speaking practice. Althought idea of pronunciation is important too.


Hello everybody.
I want to tell you my learning procedure, I do lestening exercises, I finish 10 exercisces everyday.These is easy for me to do kind of exercises, becasuse when I do the grammar test I feel so bored. But I do grammar test when I recieve email lesson, it is only thing to pursued me to do. It improve my english that kind of doing?

I am looking forward to your comment for my comment.


Read News paper,listen to News and Watch Movies ,watch BBC channels ,TV serials with English Subtitles.
Try to use new word whenever possible.Keep pocket dictionary handy


Hello everybody. I’ve been learning English for 8 years. First question for me was why am I learning English? I’m learning English because at first this language is an international language. Also there are so many foreign companies in our country where required knowledge of English language. My favorite method is reading books in English. Now I’m reading “The Pursuit of Happyness” of Chris Gardner. Also I watch lots of movies and series. I love The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. Now I work for foreign company. At my workplace I have to write letters and reports in English. And also I have telephone conversations in English as there are many expats in our company. I have lunch, meetings and conferences with them. I think it is a great opportunity to learn English and work with pleasure same time.



helow Torsten i see yor advice on improving english but its difcult to practise this for me because i have no enough materials.
bye bye


Dear teacher
hi. my favourite mathod for learn english is read story book and write about any subject. i would like watch movie for improve my listening but i have not enough time and i try to listen to radio.


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Hello everyone,

I’m Matt, I’m new in this forum, wow, thanks for all above, I think those something great idea to learn more English and get better. I really loved it. I hope can get good correction here by nice friends.

have a great day all



Dear Teacher,

I am glad to send this message so that to thank you very much for your english course.
I aml proud and efficient to have more in english than in the past.



hello sir…
i want to improve my fluency in English.
i thing i am good enough in grammar but my mother tongue is influencing my English
please help me to get rid of this so that i can talk fluently in English to others


Well there are plenty ways how to improve your English, I will write some of them.
Step 1. Read other topics, you are maybe 234939 member who asked that question.
Step 2. Join some English course.
Step 3. Start reading and speaking English with a supervisor who can observe you and correct your mistakes.
Step 4. Read books in English,watch movies with English subtitles, write short essays, talk to yourself in English etc…
My English is not perfect, but I am happy because I remember one fact and that is when I first time logged on this forum I had similar skills like you, maybe worser or better but the main fact is that we had similar skills, now how day passing my English is just better and better. Follow my advices, follow advices of the others and I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals.


I think it is a good idea. I have a CD on phonetic I got from Library and I am going to listen in the car while I go to work in the morning. And practice. I usually listen to music and some times news in the morning. I agree with you Torsad, if I want to improve my English I have to make a commitment to myself. I borrow a few books from Library and start reading. I already past English college a few years ago, but I want to start and continue to get my diploma,

Thanks for your advice