How to learn English?

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I don’t know how to learn English. Do I learn grammar first? Need I memorize English vocabularies by heart? How must I try for speaking skill?


Welcome to and many thanks for your interesting question. Please read the 30/30 Challenge and let me know what you think.

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Dear Sir
As reference below mentioned mail which I send you last working day. Actually I am working in cellular industries in Pakistan as an assistant manager.
Due to lack of communication I could not get the managerial post.

Therefore I am trying to improve the writing skills as well as spoken English. Hopefully I will be able to get the confidence and improve the writing skills, which is the most important to communicate better all over the world. When I searched this sites. I am progressing gradually. Its exercise is productive & remarkable. I have already many visit different sites like, Pearson brown, writing, business writing skills etc.
However this site is fantastic and extraordinary. I can improve my English easily with the help of your kind guidance and exercises.
I am very thankful to you and your team you give the oppournities to improve the writing skills as well as personal development.

S.A Khan