How to improve our listening skills on movies?

how to improve our listening on movies?

Step 1: download English movies via Bit Torrent (the internet abounds with movies, you can download them by the ton, free of charge)
Step2: watch them!

I suggest you start with CSI, a breath-taking series about police work.

Of course, this website does not condone the illegal downloading of any sort of material. You should check that the download is a legal source.

Yeah, I stand by that statement. Illegal downloading is copyright infringement and is punishable under copyright law

Seemingly he meant not exactly that… it’s not a problem to get an undubbed English movie but it may be hard to get what they are talking about there.
What you should do to get improvements: watch movies in English, watch the same movies again and again, if there’s something you can’t get look it up in the subtitles.
What you’d better not do: watch movies with subtitles all the time (you will get used to it and it won’t be easy to adjust ears without them)
That can be hard at first, but mind you, very soon you’ll refuse to watch anything else.