How to improve my spoken English?


How to improve my spoken English?
I don’t find it difficult to read or write, I can even understand an English movie but i don’t know why I fail to speak. When ever I speak to myself am pretty fluent and am happy that I do not make any grammar mistake but when it comes to speak with others I just stumble, I see myself searching for words and I do many Grammatical blunders and the very next moment I will correct it in my mind, that shows I know what is right and wrong still I make mistakes. I have lost confidence.
Please help me.


Hello Deepi, Welcome to our forum! You can only improve your speaking skills if you start using our online voice recorder. No point in typing messages if you want to improve your speaking. So before we can help you, you need to take some action first.

Many thanks,

TOEIC listening, question-response: Won’t you at least read the proposal?[YSaerTTEW443543]


Thanks a lot Torsten :slight_smile:
Even I thought of using voice recording.
I am definitely going to make use of it.



Hello Mr Torsen and Deepi!

Nice to talk with you! I really want to improve my spoken English too and I find I can if I often practice speaking English in this website. As Mr Torsen said in other topic that you should learn English 20 seconds a day, I know that point. But sometimes I am so busy that I can not save time for learning English. That is good if we have a friend who are good at English to talk in English everyday.

Please listen my English speaking and write your comments to me! Thank you very much for your help!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and best regards,
Ms Mai Anh



Its good that you are having knowledge of English very well .your lacking in speaking no

problem in my view talk in English to your friends as more you talk you will improve your

English soon .

I hope you do it



Hi Deepi,

I think keeping practicing is the only key to make achievement. Most of us make mistakes during our lifetime, or you would always get A++ on every subject and I would say you are not normal, may be a so called genius showing up every one-hundrend year. What we can do may be reduce mistakes as possible as we can. I believe I did a lot more mistakes than you before, but I still hope it is a happy process when learning english.

Good luck.