How to get rid of he/she, his/her, him/her, himself/herself?

I have encountered situations in which I have to use many he/she, his/her, … . For example, consider the following excerpt of an essay:

If someone wants to succeed, he/she should work hard in order to bring himself/herself opportunities so, he/she would make his/her life more enjoyable.

Please do not pay attention to the meaning, I’d like to find a way to replace these he/she, his/her, … .


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Hello Saeedsh,

It is acceptable to use ‘they/their’ as a singular form where the sex/gender is not determined:
If someone wants to succeed, they should work hard in order to bring themselves opportunities, so they would make their life more enjoyable.

u can use one instead of he/she like one should work hard instead of he/she work hard

Good point, Samina, though that tends to sound very formal. In that case, the example would be:
If one wants to succeed, one should work hard in order to bring oneself opportunities, so one would make one’s life more enjoyable.

(Do you think that this sounds ‘stuffy’?)

Hello Beeesneees,

Thanks very much for your help. I should be aware of using the single form of “life” in the example above and, not the plural form which is normally used.

Thank you, Samina. Yes, one can be used instead of he/she and, oneself instead of himself/herself and, one’s instead of his/her but, you can not replace he/she in the example above by one:

If someone wants to succeed, one should work hard …

I feel that here, one means someone else and doesn’t sound natural. By the way, I am not a native, maybe I am wrong.