How to get healthier

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A) The importance of getting fit. Make some suggestions on how to improve your
physical performance and reduce future risks.
B) Is canned food adequate for your health? Why? Why not? Give examples.
C) Give some examples of bad habits that can put your health in danger?

Our health is the most valuable thing we own. Therefore we must take it care in order to live longer. There are several rules we have to follow to get healthier.

First our bodies need to do physical exercises to work well. Any movement is good for our body providing the movements aren’t very hard and difficult. The fact of walking, running, dancing, etc, will be good for the body. We can compare the human body with a machine. Both of them need to work to run properly. If a body like a machine stops for a long time, it will never work as well as it did before. Then, we have to try moving our body as long as we can doing exercises such as aerobics exercises, going to the gym, going for a walk, or any other physical exercise.

As I said before, we could compare our body with a machine. Every machine needs fuel to runs. Our fuel is the food that we eat every day. If you put a bad fuel to a machine, the machine will not run properly and it will break down sooner. The same happens with us. We have to eat healthy food and avoid eating meals that we know are harmful for our health.

Nowadays we have a stressful life and we hardy have time to cook. There lots of products in the market that they are canned and we only have to open them, heat them up a little in the microwave and they are ready for eat. Eating every day this kind of food, we save a lot of time to do other things. But, at the same time we are damaging our body and we will have healthy problems in the future. I do not mean we can’t eat fast food or something similar anymore. I mean we can do it but not every day. We have to eat a good diet composed by vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs, etc.

On the other hand there people who damage their body smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks or having drugs. From my point of view they don’t mind to die. If they appreciated the life they wouldn’t do that kind of things. These habits put your health in danger. Besides there are other habits we try to avoid because they are also harmful for our body. There people who do not sleep enough hours. Like the machines, our bodies need to rest the enough time to work the next day. Many people only sleep four or five hours at day and they don’t do it in a good bed. They sleep on the couch in a bad position.

To sum up, I encourage everybody to look after their body because when we don’t have health, all the money or properties we own, they are useless.

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