How to find the right TOEIC-center


Can anybody give advice how to find the right test-center for the TOEIC and the right way to prepare for it?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Michael,

Have you read the information on this page?

TOEIC for Your Career: TOEIC Preparation

As for finding the nearest TOEIC test center, simply google ‘TOEIC test + your city’ and see what happens.

Let me know what you think,

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Hi Torsten!

Seriously, you offer a lot of information there. Really lots of, and sorry, I must admit that I?m hardly able to read all that stuff in a short time, after having spent 11 hours a day for work and beside of carrying my horses. Your suggestion regarding changing the daily habit (at some other forums? topics) is rather difficult to follow for me. Nevertheless am I eager to improve my English skills and to take the TOEIC as both can be important for my professional future. So, why don?t we call the dogs name, stop acting like a cat on the hot bricks and talk about taking the online TOEIC-preparation you provide? You provide and prefer it, don?t you? And what about the salery for it? Is it 270 Euros and what do you do for that amount? I just could discover services you provide for conventional systematic-classes or do I fail here?

Well, like I mentioned, I?m keen on improving my skills and getting a certificate, For me it could be interesting to do that online. But I?m not really aware how that could work and what it requires me to do and my PC to be able since the TOEIC isn?t a reading and writing test only but a listening test, too. Could you please shed some light on this ( to sing from the same hymn sheed with good old Tom :wink: ). What methods do you intend to use if we agree a contract?

Hope my thoughts aren?t that bizzarre… :wink:

Expecting and enjoying your response


Hi Michael, the coaching conditions you are mentioning are for offline services which means either you would have to travel to Leipzig or you invite me for a stay in Munsterland :).

Seriously, you can prepare for the TOEIC by making it a habit to listen to authentic audio English every single day. How time do you spend eating breakfast? Have the TV or tape recorder in the background.

The same holds true for the car. Also, if you want to prepare for the TOEIC, you might consider buying a TOEIC prep book that contains full-length TOEIC tests so you get a feel for the structure of the exam.

Based on my experience Germans find the listening section of the TOEIC far more challenging than the reading one so concentrate your efforts on improving your listening skills. Until the end of 2006 the TOEIC contains a listening and a reading section only.

This will change next year though when writing and speaking skills will be tested as well. Listening is something you can do every day without much effort on your part.

Let me know what you think,

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Torsten, if you ever visit nice green Munsterland and are able to offer some time for a visit you?re invited. There surely might be a drink and a meal I could offer you, but for preparing me the TOEIC I dread your bill, mostly probable, would be too big! :roll:

Well, as I currently start working at 6 am and have a half hours ride to reach the company I must get up rather early in the morning and often there is less time to have a cup of coffee but there might be time when grooming the horses. Rather than listening the German Radio I might hear an English since there is a Radio in the stable.

As for listening a second (foreign) language while driving a car I?m not sure what you are referring to? As I mentioned somewhere else, driving a car I myself can?t offer that much attention to follow a complete report since I put more attention on watching the traffic. Or did you mean hearing (experiencing the sound of the English in order to become familar with it) radio in opposite to listening ( what surely efforts some comprehension)?

Preparing courses for an exam of the English language seem to mean learning the structure and rules of the exam but not its content (language rules and vocabulary) like you mentioned and the chamber of industry and commerce in D?dorf does the same in their advertisement. Is it really that difficult :shock: , so that one must take some ten hours of preparation for the rules of a two hours-test?

I don?t completely agree because listening might be another challenge as it certainly differs from reading, like it differs from writing and speaking, but I don?t think it?s a bigger one, despite there are some different accents. But isn?t it the same with writing and speaking?

Hope getting some more information from you


Michael, the best and only test preparation you can take is improving your English on a daily basis. The TOEIC measures your level of English rather than your exam taking skills that’s why we have been running the 30/30 Challenge
[size=75][/size] and I would like to thank Amy again for your outstanding support.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten!

You surely meant [color=red]her outstanding support!

Yes, Torsten. you?re right. Meeting Amy Is really a good luck for the forum since she buisily answers lots of questions in a pretty patient way and shed some pleasant atmosphere at this site, like all you other moderators. Thanks a lot.

By the way, today I was listening the BBC-Radio while coming home from my work. I must say that it isn?t easy to understand as it has its very own sound I think!