How to express my feeling like blue or "I have to..."?

Hi everyone,

I’m writing an essay. In my essay, I wanna use “people would have to update anti-virus while browse to express “modern technology also troubles us when makes our life more convenient”. I, however, feel my sentence doesn’t accurately show the feeling of blue and weak and sounds like stating a fact.

What’s your feeling?

What formation, words or something could I use to express this?

Thanks a lot!

To save the resource, I ask my the second question here:)

I read a sentence “Can strike me down without what.” today. I wonder whether was it used correctly?

Thanks again!


I find it difficult to give a definitive answer because I’m not clear what you are in fact saying. Let me try to rephrase this:

I suggest: ‘people would have to update their antivirus software while browsing …’

‘modern technology also troubles us although it makes our life more convenient’

As for

, I can’t really comment on that without knowing the context from which it comes.


Hi, Alan

Thanks for your reply! It’s my bad that not introduce the background clearly.

I wrote the essay in(under?) the topic “Does modern technology make life more convenient, or was life better when technology was simpler?”. In my argument, I want to use the trope “people would have to update anti-virus while browse” to set my little negative view that when they enjoy the internet, they can’t be easy, and have to or must keep their eyes on their personal informations, the internet is not the Heaven. In some ways, it is the Heaven. ^ ^

I think I want express the feeling like the playboy:
Richard: How about your mobile?
Playboy: Mmm… if my girlfriend could not use it to find me out all the time, it would be perfect.

And please rephrase it when possible. I think that this is my best chance to learn a native expression from you.

“Can strike me down without what.” is a catchphrase of a competition. I’ve never seen this usage before and feel confused, so I ask for your help. :smiley:

And thanks again.