How to Explain The Reason For Low GRE Score

Hi everybody,

I have got my GRE Score last week. The results were not good. I got 740 for Quantitative, 330 for Verbal, and 3 for Analytical. I can not retake my GRE Test again since the deadline of universities in which I am applying is this December.

The only thing I can do is to explain the reason why my GRE score is low as it is asked from Univ of Wisconsin Madison. The thing is I dont know how to explain that. Of course my GRE score is low due to lack of preparation since my preparation only started 3 weeks before my test date. However I can not tell this reason, because this is my mistake not to study long before.

So I wonder whether one of you could suggest me good reasons to be explained in my SOP. The reason should be logical and should look as a justification rather than an excuse.

Thank you in advance