How to describe someone voice

As Nicolas Cage is a well known American actor, so, if I want to describe the voice from Nicolas Cage, how shall I best describe it?

Well, if you want advice, I think you will have to post his voice here first, at least.

I’m sorry for my incomplete question. Now, Nicolas Cage is just a click away: [url]The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Nicolas Cage interview | Empire Magazine - YouTube
I’m going to say that he sounds silvery. Is that appropriate?

No, I think you have just chosen a nice word only because you like the actor. Nicolas’s off-screen voice in particular is rather monotonous in stress pattern, and somewhat nasal and shallow in production. His success as an actor lies in other talents.

By the way, your post should read ‘How to describe somebody’s voice’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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OK. I think I have to agree with you that first I like him as an actor and second, he actually sounded monotonous. Thanks for giving such clear a picture about how he sounds.

Torsten, I knew that because it was a typo error and by the time I wanted to fix it, I came to realize that the title of the topic couldn’t be edited. Thanks anyway.