How to deduce from the picture that white car is trying to overtake yellow car?

My doubt comes from this TOEIC exercise: Brooklyn Bridge

The official suggestive answer is :
The white car looks as if it is going to overtake the yellow car.

Since it is a very “static” image , I can hardly find any clue convincing myself the white car will pass over yellow one … I am ignorance of driving so I am really insensitive about what the scene implies ; can anybody enlighten me ?

Hi, what do cars usually do on a road?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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In addition, consider the other options.
If you aren’t a driver, so you feel unable to tell that the yellow car is in the outside lane, in a position where it is going to overtake, then you can work out the answer by means of elimination:
B) The skyscrapers in the picture are under the bridge. Well, they very obviously aren’t, providing you know what the vocabulary means, so this can’t be right.
C) Several people can be seen trying to cross the road. No people can be seen, so this can’t be right.
D) It looks as if it is going to rain. Blue sky, a few high clouds, sunshine. It doesn’t look like obviously rainy weather, so this can’t be right.