How to be fluent in English speaking?

Hi all,

Could you please tell me the better ways to be fluent in English?

I worked at an international agency here, but my English speaking is bad. So, please advice me the better ways as you think to be fluent in English speaking.

Thanks in advance.

omg …u have not got any reply yet. It’s bad. i also want to be fluent in english…is this forum is helpful??

Hello Parri,

To improve your English, write using standard forms:

‘you’, not ‘u’
‘I’, not ‘i’
‘English’ not ‘english’
A single full stop, not a long line of dots.
A single question mark.
Avoidance of ‘omg’ and similar phrases.

Thanks for the reply beeesness. I will not do this mistakes again.
Kindy tell me the use of ‘Twist arm’ word.

Where did you see/hear ‘twist arm’.

I saw twist arm word in hinkhoj dictionary. Is the meaning of it 'to compel someone '?
Sorry but i don’t know exactly what it is? And how we can use it in sentences?

I had to twist his arm to come with us tonight.
He wouldn’t have joined this website if his teacher hadn’t twisted his arm.