How to ask the newsagent for a pack of smokes.

Hi everyone,

If I go to the newsagent’s and ask him for a pack of smokes, how should the question be formulated:

I:…Could I have a pack of smokes too.

NA: Sure, which brand?

I:I’d like a pack of Marlboro light/ or simply one Marlboro light, please.

P.S.: Is the title of my thread correct, I mean the question word?

Thanks Alexandro.

Would you be asking for one cigarette?
You’ve answered it yourself. You need a pack of…

Yes, the question is correct.

Thanks Beeesneees and also thank you for answering my previous question.


Beeesneees it was not my intention to advertise for Marlboro. Sorry. Is the use of ‘advertise for something’ used correctly here?

Thanks again


Thanks again.