How to approach my girl?

today i really want to write sth to motivate my laziness of writing by English. Im gonna tell you my story about my girl in class.

There is 1 girl in my class. She’s really nice and beautiful. Everyday I come to class, study and come home. and everyday i just look at her and don’t do anything. you know Im type of a nervous people. I dont want to express so much. and Im deeply in love with hers even she doent know who im. Everything she does is so beautiful. I dont have the experience to approach her. I really want to take her contact but im scared that she doent like me. She’s from chinese and we are different nationality. Everytime when i go to bed. i try to plan that tmr what im gonna do to take her contact or talk to her or sth like that. just want she knows me. that’s all. But in my class chinese girls they dont speak english very well same as me. I dont know if i come to her and talk and she doent respond, It will be very stupid. However, every time I finish my class, I try to follow hers and we were on the lift to going down together but i didnt open my damn mouth. I just look at her and let she gone and my chance’s also gone . I really appreciate that someone can have me or just give me a plan to talk to her.

Why don’t you look for a colourful and shiny cobblestone and tell her that you found it amongst millions of other stones only to be reminded of the colour of her eyes?

Hit on her friends. If she likes you, she’ll be jealous.

(ducks to avoid the hurled tomatoes)

I guess, she knows already about you affection and soon somehow would answer.It is difficult but try to behave normally , girls would be confused when they could not understand what precisely is going on.You have so many options to win or loose, my dear let’s choose just one “all roads are leading to Rome”.
Seriously I am sure you are able to draw her attention and have courage to face consequenses.It is very much possible that she dreams same way and only could not be yet sure if these dreams are only about you.
Good luck

Hey, Tom, did you ever have the situation where some girl tries to introduce you to all her friends and then gets angry when you and one of the friends really like each other? I never could figure that type out. She’ll sit there and tell you on and on how you and her friend would really love each other, how perfectly matched you are, and then if it really turns out to be true, she gets furious. If she doesn’t like the idea, why introduce you to her friend in the first place? :shock:

Today the weather in my country is very nice. it’s cooler than every day. I felt very good when i woke up. I had a supplementary class for 1 day off before. It’s Saturday seem everything seem being later. I woke up late and considered whether I go to school or not. I was very tired but I decided to go school because I really wanted to look at her even she doent look at me at all. Everything I do is to make her to know me as a person like her. or just only let her know I want us to become friend. I came to class later and I was searching her among of so many classmate. Regardless teacher kept blaming that I was late. Unfortunately I couldn’t find her then I sat and started study and I thought she was lazy going to school. after the break time, she came in the class, it made me really feeling better but it saddened me that she came in with 1 chinese boy, my classmate. This boy I really dont like him at all. He is the reason that making me to change everything. I tell you what, I target 2 girl in my class. last time I was liking another chinese girl, she’s also very nice. And this girl she always goes with this boy and I think they are in love together or sth like that. So I decide to not pursue this girl anymore. But today the girl as i wrote above, she came in with this boy again and i thought what happened. I was confusing of everything. They went to school late together. If I have a chance, I will fight this boy. really! but he is taller and stronger than me. How come? This boy was making me that maybe chinese girls like a big boy tall or same as him. so I tended to go to gym and hopefully I would be taller.
Seems the percentage of me to get her is increasingly lower. I dont know i would persue it or not. but I believe that everything i strive to put my image into her mind effectively.

Hi all thank for replying me. Im writing this story just to make me felling better after all the bad thing happened. and another reason that to develop my terrible english. I really appreciate all of your kind to help me.
To Ralf: Do you think that these romantic sentence will get her attention? because the chinese girls in my class they are speaking English not very well. I dont know whether she understand it or not. If she didnt understand, she would tend to think Im stupid.
To Presbucky: I think it is not a good ideal. Because when we hit on her friend first as you said, it’s really hard to get my girl. even she get jealous, she will prefer not making her friend sadly to loving me. :P:P

Hmm…Dupree, As a girl, I need 2 tell u tat if u really like this girl, u should not give up easily. Even though this sounds like an easy job but i think it’s quite hard to b determined. Y i said so? It’s because when this girl oso like u, she will definitely accept u but when she does not have any feeling on u, then u should analyse again would u appreciate this girl after she accept u? If ur answer is yes, then just go for it!! I think that determined, talented n confident boys have charms which could atttract their girls… This is real!! as I myself has such experience like tat…so, jz go 4 “nothing or all” law. Also, remember 2 think of ur talented skills now as long as u think tat it could attract people 2 like u!! Gambate!!

It’s me again…If u really can’t survive without this girl, may b u can start to learn mandarin? U can think abt it because u can still use this skill to tackle another chinese girl in the future wuahahhaa!! Don’t beat me…but seriously, I think this works if she has a little bit of feeling on u…Try to think which part of youself is the most atrractive one like the way u talk is very impressive, u score a good math result, u can sing well, u can sports well or else…there should b something good on yourself!! :smiley:

Hi linghong! thanks for your comment. I really like this plan. I did think ab this really but actually it’s really hard for me to handle another language. Especially it’s mandarin. I cant imagine that if I study another language and all of these are gonna be mess up. Anyways It’s really a good ideal. I will study it soon but not now because my english really needs to be improved. It hasnt satisfied my at all. Chinese is totally necessary for me living in Singapore. People are using it every where. And the Chinese student, they come here study very crowded.
So anyways thanks you again. nice to know you…!

Because at that moment she would not yet know that she would be furious when her BF and her friend hit it off and her relations would be in danger. This proves one more time that women are very emotional, they rely mostly on what they feel at the moment.

I like the “learn Mandarin” idea. If you’re not very good at it, that’s even better: you can ask her for help, etc.


Linghong, please write in full words, and not in weird Internet abbreviations like “u” and “ur”. This makes you look very dumb on this kind of forum, and I’m sure you’re not dumb. Make yourself look intelligent and write in real English.

You poor thing. Just go say hello. You have to initiate contact or make her notice you. If you keep pining, doing nothing, nothing will happen, good or bad.

You know, I never understand girls/boys who secretly admire somebody yet they do nothing about it. It is the same thing as having a goal. You have to do something to reach it.

When I was young, probably your age, I pretended tying the shoelaces in front of a boy I liked. I know, it’s silly. :lol: But hey, we get to be silly when we are young.

Just don’t go beating people around. Girls don’t like that. :wink:

Yes, and when that happens it’s frustrating. My most likely reaction would be along the lines of, “Um, what did you expect?”

If the girl wants the dude all to herself, she should either blind him or kill all other women in the area. hehe

(for those unfamiliar with my goofy nature, that last part was a joke.)

Dude, you loved a girl before and when you realized she was with another guy, you just let it pass. Now, when you see the girl you love with another guy, why are you thinking so much about it? Do the same thing again. (just kidding) :lol:

If you love a girl, set her free. If she comes back, she’s yours. If she doesn’t she never was.

If you love a girl, set her free. Then she will be free to choose another guy. :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t follow my advice. :slight_smile:

Today is another boring day in my life. Everything seems to be going wrong. Nothing is possible for me. So boring with my life, god please helps me, tell me how to live. As everyday, I come to class and look for my girl. You know what, that girl really dates with the guy that i mentioned above. Actually I wonder in my mind what happen, Is this gonna kill me? life is such a big trouble. I tell you what, that boy, he was with the another girl I liked then I thought they were in love and I let it go. Merely I changed to target the Chinere girl that i wrote in the first message.Badly this boy he is now always going with my girl. And the another chinese girl that i thought in love with him, she was going to home alone. What am i supposed to go now ? please help me!!! I dont know what happen with this guy. He always does everything that i want. He’s taking my life. Now if I tend to change again the girl that he used to be with, I will think Im such a liar. I lie to my mind I cant take my own way. Im really furious at everything and I think I decide to quit.I will give up all of this and take my time to study, no more day-dreaming.
God bless me!!!

Thanks Jamie(K).Actually there had been such a long time I did not log in this forum. Therefore I think that I forgot this is the formal english forum after seeing this excited topic. Anyway, thank you Jamie(K)!! :smiley:

To Dupree:
I can bet that the boy you said will soon leave this girl away. You can try to observe this guy behaviour. As you mentioned above, he dated another girl before, so I think that this boy is having fun or just simply making friends with those " nice" girls as boys always looking for good-looking girls.

P/s: Anyway, I support your final decision!! :slight_smile:

Dupree, I think you’re bewitched… :lol: Maybe you should give this a thought:

“Girls,or boys will always be there. Focus on what you’ve set yourself up for and reach your highest potential!”

Don’t worry, I think you’ll live. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: thanks for all of your supports. Maybe I should be stronger to live. :P:P
Today i was with her on the train going home. I really couldn’t open my mouth to talk with her. Im really shy and i opened the newspaper and pretend that I’m reading it to cover my shyness. What happened with me? why couldn’t I strive to talk to her? It’s all wrong.!