How to anwer it?

The question is,“What about 6 o’clock?"
Should I say," That’s OK.’
or “That would be fine.”
That is a question from my exercise book. Which choice is right?
I do know other replies, for example," No problem or Ok" but what about the choices I read? Which one is right?
Please help me.

I’d go with “That would be fine”, for that sounds better to me.

“That’s OK” seems more like a reply to an apology received from someone. For example, if someones says “I am sorry” to you, then you’d say “It’s/that’s OK” in response…at least so I think.

W is correct about ‘That would be fine’ being likely to be the answer the grammar book expects, for the reasons he gives. However, away from academic circles, native English speakers would happily accept either response.


Aside from whether it’s acceptable or not, the answer: That’s OK doesn’t really answer the question about whether the time is all right. ‘OK’ in that response simply suggests ‘I suppose so’ ‘Well. all right’ and presumably the person asking the question wants a definite answer. In that sense, ‘That would be fine’ is preferable.


I think, u should answer “that would be fine”

Thanks for your help