How to ameliorate english skills


I’am willing to take an english competative exam after a year. The exam will include Vocabulary, 2500 words Essay , Direct and indirect speech and Analysis about current affairs.

Please give me suggestions how can i ameliorate english skills for this challenging exam.

Please give me a detailed suggestion.
Thank you

Well, this site is a good start, there’s a cornucopia of tests here that are yours for the taking, hehe =) … -test.html
They are arranged by level (ranging from elementary to advanced) so choose ones that best suit your needs.

Aside from your topic, I’d like to point out that it’s an interesting word that you have used - to ameliorate.
I’m not a native speaker, but I reckon you can’t ameliorate skills. You can ameliorate conditions, circumstances (making them better, more livable). You improve your skills.
I wonder what other people think about this.

Yeah, “ameliorate skills” sounds odd to me too.