How the internet makes English language learners easier?

Hi teachers

This is the topic of my assignment, but I don’t have sufficient ideas to write into a good essay. Thus, I need some help from you all.

Could you share some ideas about this topic?

Thanks beforehand

A newbie

Hi Jupiter,

For starters I would change the title of the essay into How does the Internet help you learn languages? Why do you think your ideas are not sufficient? What are your thoughts on this subject? For example, you could write about how are using to Internet to learn new vocabulary words, ask grammar questions, make new friends, listen to audio files etc.

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Hi Torsten

Thanks for your response. It’s really helpful.

To my knowledge, I can find out some points such as listen to radio/audio online, connect you to the whole world, make new friends, ask and answer the questions in the forum, do self-study, get free study material, give access to find out everything.

But I cannot go further, so could you share some more

Thanks in advance


Hi Jupiter,

Through the Internet you can exchange your learning experiences and ideas on any topic with other learners. In your essay you can outline the advantages of learning languages through the Internet and then you can pick one area and give concrete examples that show how the medium has helped you improve your communication skills.
One of the topics you can concentrate on in your essay is how to build and maintain an online learning community:

  • defining terms such as 'online community, forums, message boards, chatrooms' etc.
  • outlining how those communities start
  • characterizing the organizations (key players, ranks, responsibilities, relationships, dynamics, migration, demographics, etc.)
  • value of the community (how do the different parties involved benefit?)
  • case studies (here you can describe your personal experiences)

Let me know what you think,

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