how should the governments allot the investments?

Governments should sponsor art museums and music halls more than recreational facilities such as playground and swimming pools.

Government investments are a great impulse of social developments. As to how it should be distributed/allotted, different groups hold conflicting views based on their interest preferences. So which is the more important item on the financial schedule of the government, spiritual facilities such as art museums and music halls, or recreational facilities such as playgrounds and swimming pools? As far as I’m concerned, they are of the same significance because they are both integral part of people’s lives.

Spiritual facilities such as art museums and music halls teach us useful information about history, and convey serious messages though an entertaining form, and they are undoubtedly the bridge between present and the past, the reality and the ideal. The fantastic works are once the emotional outlet of brilliant artists and musicians, who have extraordinary talent and are concerned a lot about the living conditions of the human race. Now exhibited in the museums and halls, they are not only excellent records of the deep affection of their composers, but also the valuable depictions of the contemporary society by elites in different eras. The beautiful pictures by Da Vinci, such as Mona Lisa, portrayed and sing high praise for the mortal life, which was revolutionary during the Renaissance, tells about a particular period of history. The famous symphony Emperor by Beethoven displays the prosperity of the Napoleon Empire, and it influences people with the splendid glory and the positive attitude towards life. In one word, spiritual facilities are playing a indispensable role in edifying the masses, and they are by no means ignorable.

Meanwhile, recreational facilities meet the basic physical and psychological needs of people, and they mean much more than entertainment and recreation. For one thing, they serve as implements for people to enhance their health, as swimming pools and playgrounds provide valuable platforms for people to exercise. For another, people draw important lessons and experience from sports related with them. I myself have been a swimming player since I was very young. The sports have improved my constitution and fill me with energetic whatever I’m engaged in. What’s more, I acquired a strong will and the quality of perseverance during the strict daily training. My valuable experience of practicing swimming is still conducive when applied into other aspects of my study and career. What’s predictable is that all the experiences won’t be actualized without the government sponsorships on such recreational facilities. In conclusion, recreational facilities are no less important than spiritual facilities, and they are even more prevalent applied in some sense.

All the statements above clearly indicate that it’s impossible to decide the relative importance of both directions of government investment as to museums and music halls, or playground and swimming pools, for the formal meet the satisfaction of our heart, and the latter conveys serious messages and provide basic facilities to improve our health. It’s obvious that both are essential when it comes to enrich people’s daily lives, thus both are worth a sponsorship.

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