How should I jot down to express gratitude for this wonderful programme?

Dear Torsten,
Thought, how should I jot down to express gratitude for this wonderful programme you people have manoeuvred? And on top of that, letting me to be an entity of this community surfaced worldwide?

I am a B.Tech. student in the ultimate year and have been learning English as I am in love with this language. But I have no English background. Whatever I could learn is in this spree of 4 years. But no worry, I will never let you down. I promise a new high in my English language ivory.

Great display of faculties, Torsten. Hats off to you and your team.Bubye.(’:)’)

Dear Rishi,

Thanks a lot for the kudos! Actually, it’s me who should express his respect for what you have achieved: You registered on the forum just one day ago and you are already Number 63 on our Top 100 List. So, please keep up the great work!


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Hi Torsten,

I really feel sorry for what I am going to ask. Hope you would excuse me for this. But after all my effort I came a cropper in finding out the solution of my problem. So, doing so.
Today I took 20 tests, from test no. 11 to test no. 30. Yesterday I had ended up at the test no. 10.
To assess myself, I want to know my complete result but I can’t take a look. I am getting a rank in top 100 but that is only for 130 questions.
We are here to discuss on ENGLISH language but I am flatly helpless and bewildered. So asked for bizarre cause.
Sorry and Thanks.

How are you doing?
I could know where I was falling prey and figured out on that. So simply shrug off my earlier post.

have a great day.