How should I express my feeling to my old friend

Dear all,

My good friend, Jan, is living in Australia.
We usually communicate with each other in e-mail.
We usually talk about daily life, recent interesting things in our neighborhood.
The last time when I received her letter was 22th, February, this year.
Since it is unusual for her to write to me in more than a week interval,
I think I will write something funny
in the opening to express my feeling that I really missed her and to surprise her,
but I am not sure which of the following sentences is the best:
Or could you suggest some sentences else if possible, teachers?

  1. I have been waiting for your email for ten years, Jan.
  2. I have been waiting for your email for ages, Jan.
  3. I have been waiting for your email for a very long time, Jan.
  4. I am waiting for your email, Jan.

Please help, teachers.
Thank you.


Between friends, i think informal english might be friendlier so you can write: it’s quite a long time since i last received yr email. I’ve been wondering where you are and what makes you busy like this…etc…

The English in this post is a mess. Why are you volunteering advice?

Kitty, if I were you, at this point I would exaggerate the length of time as much as possible, to show that your intention is to be humorous. If the statement is not very obviously meant to be funny, your friend might take offense (or might not).

Thank you for the advice and help, Jamie.
But I do not know how to exaggerate the length of time in this case.
Could you suggest some sentences please, Jamie.
Please, Jamie.