How often do you use the term 'righto'?

Hello everbody, how are you today? Can you please tell me where the term righto is used? I understand it must be a variation of right and it is used to express your agreement with somebody or to say tha you have understood something. I came across this word in a British text book for ESL learners. My question is whether righto is still popular in if it’s used in other English language countries too.
Thank you in advance and have a good weekend.

Hi Nicole,

Righto (also right ho) is proabably regarded as a little oldfashioned today and means the same as all right/OK. It is used a lot by the characters in the novels of my favourite English novelist, P G Wodehouse, who writes humorous novels set in the early part of last century. In fact one particular book is called Right Ho Jeeves - Jeeves is the name of the butlet in many novels.