How much does it cost?

Hello again. I want to ask if I ask directly

How much does it cost? is right?

and if I ask indireclty what should I say and why?

I was wondering if you know how much it costs?

and if it is diferent to write the same sentence without question mark.

I was wondering if you know how much it costs.

How much does it cost? = How much is it?
I wonder if you know how much it costs.(NOT … how much it costs?)
Because “how much it costs” is a noun clause.As you know in such clauses we use the positive form of sentences not interrogative one.

I am wondering whether you want to ask the shopkeeper or another customer about the price. Anyway, I think I WONDER HOW MUCH IT COSTS is better as it sounds faster. Moreover, WONDER also means WANT TO KNOW, so using IF YOU KNOW then sounds a bit cumbersome. Can you tell me why you want to use such questions? Because I think how much is it, how much does it cost and what’s the price for it are more common.

There is a book that presents to students some different ways of telling the same questions with different words. It is some kind of suggestion. I know that the main question is : How much does it cost? Here, in this book, the sentence which provides the students with is : Could you give me some idea of how much it will cost? (with question mark in the end) And I wonder if we have to put first the word it or the word will.
And the second question is if it is different if there is the same sentence without the question mark in the end. Could you give me some idea of how much it will cost.

It must have the question mark. Why? Because you have to answer it. The sentence has 2 clauses. The main clause is COULD YOU GIVE ME THE IDEA. Because this is the MAIN clause, the other will not matter. That means if the main clause has the form of a question, the whole sentence will be a question and need a question mark. About the words order, all subordinate clauses have words order like affirmative sentences. How much does it cost is a question and needs a question mark because it’s the only and also main clause. But, I wonder how much IT COSTS. Here, how much is costs is not the main clause so…

Sorry but I am more confused now. I understand why the main question how much does it cost? needs a question mark. The second question Could you give me some idea of how much it will cost? needs a question mark too, but I 'm not sure about the word order. I thought that it had to be Could you give me some idea of how much will it cost? Is this sentence wrong?

You can tell me how much it will cost.
In this sentence, “You can tell me”=Independent clause & “how much it will cost”=Dependent clause
Whenever you need to make it interrogative, you must just change the Independent clause into a question form.
Therefore, “Can you tell me how much it will cost?” is correct.
“Can you tell me how much will it cost?” is incorrect.
That’s all!

As I said, in the sentence Could you give me any idea of how much it costs? the main clause is Could you tell me and it is in the inverted order as the main question. The other contains the main aim of the question but it’s just a subordinate clause so there’s no need to invert the words order. You just need to invert a sentence when it’s a QUESTION standing alone or being the main clause of a complex sentence.

Alright, I understood it. Thank you!

The word ‘alright’ made me think of something uncertain. Anyway, I appreciate your words. Then, whenever you have any topic, post it and we’ll OPERATE it altogether.