How many of them are neither tall nor dark, nor handsome.

How many of them are neither tall nor dark, nor handsome. Can we approach ‘neither…nor’ in such a way? If I’m wrong, could you please show the proper way of saying the intended meaning of the sentence?

The sentence is OK except for a quibble about the punctuation, which gives the impression that “tall” and “dark” are paired together in opposition to handsome, for no obvious reason. To avoid this you can say “neither tall, dark nor handsome”. Also, you need a question mark at the end of the sentence.

[Edited] Sorry, in my above reply I forgot about the disputed use of “neither” with more than two items, which may have been the reason for your punctuation choice. As you can see if you search Google, different people have different views on this. Some people think that “neither” can only be used with two items; other people think it’s OK with three or more. So, you take your pick…

Thanks, I see what you mean.
Here is another question: “Dozy, you are a benevolent person in this forum”. Can we express our feeling by writing this in a forum? What about the degree of commonness by using benevolent in daily usage?
PS: Every time we learn a new word in newspapers, novel, etc, should we need to exercise cautious on whether or not the word can be used (in terms of its regularity/oddness/rareness) in daily conversation?

“benevolent” is a fairly unusual word. It needs to be used sparingly and correctly, not tossed around as a sort of synonym for “helpful”. “you are a benevolent person in this forum” is not impossible, but “benevolent person” seems a weightier and more formal character assessment than one might normally expect to make through a forum.

The answer to your PS is yes. Sometimes odd and obscure words are used in newspapers and books, and if you started dropping such words into conversation you would get some funny looks.

Although I couldn’t agree more with your opinion, I feel that learning English especially the way we want to speak with it idiomatically is something hard to get (heaving sigh). Learning English is certainly an uphill task for me, and admittedly I was beginning to flag, but still smiling.
Thanks again, Dozy.