how many nouns are in this sentence?

The swing swung and swung and the fly and the flock flew.

Can you give us your guess first?

Just fun, I think. So, we will ask him: Is there a noun at all?

I don’t see the point in asking if there is a noun. It just protracts matters. I would also like to know how many Kanta believes there are, and what they are.

The swing.
the fly.
the flock

I don’t see the point in asking the poster how many he believes there are if he really doesn’t know the answer.

You are correct. But I wonder why you didn’t answer when you were first asked.

… and yet you feel there’s a point in asking whether she thinks there are any?

Perhaps because she wasn’t online when she was first asked!

Hi Kanta, Now you know that you are correct, do you understand the sentence?

Swings can swing and flies can fly, but lumber can’t lumber.

Dear Beeesneees, this sentence was in English test which my daughter couldn’t do.
I just want to confirm that I told her correctly.

Sorry, Kanta. I mistook you since your question was very simple. I think the answer could have been given by us without inconveniencing you or protracting the matter.

A good ‘brake’ to the ‘protracts’.

Anglophone :slight_smile:

Only one person did that. Luschen made a valid request.

Well, it looks as if you did. :wink:

Now here’s a question for you, if you wish to try it.
You missed out an article from the text quoted above. Can you see where it should go?

Yes, it’s always good to introspect and admit the fact. It is ‘welcome, though late’.

Thank you for that allusive modification. I know I’m a little too ‘loud’.

Dear Beeeneees , An English test