How many newsletters?

Hello Torsten, I read Alan’s articles in archieve. I want to say that Alan’s articles were published twice in month. Now these articles are published only once in month. As for me, it isn’t well for subscribes. What your opinion?

Hi Torsten! I am waiting for your answer!

Dear Zulfiya,

Many thanks for your question. You know, when you run your own project and offer a lot of service and value totally free of charge you have the freedom of working entirely at your own pace.
As you can see Slava has created an archive where you can read all back issues of Alan’s newsletter and a new subscriber can then decide whether or not they want to reveive the letter on a regular basis.
Again, one of the benefits of being your own boss is that you decide what to do and when. is a project for learners of English worldwide and we are convinced that a person can only learn when they enjoy what they are doing. The same holds true for English teachers and website owners.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten! I do agree with you. But people( I am sure you know it very well) have been waiting for something interesting and new for all time. I think you may attract attention of many new subscribers. Mayby, you can write articles for people with different levels of their English. I am sure, it will be very well . Each learner will be able to find somethig appropriate for his own level.

Dear Zulfiya,

Thank you very much for your interesting suggestions. As for the newsletter - it was our intention to put every single issue of it online for everybody to read and even print off for free. When you read all back issues of the newsletter you can then even re-read them and start memorizing new vocabulary and I’m sure every time you will find something new.
As for creating materials for different levels - you are right about that and as you can see there are tests of three levels.
Also, we soon will be adding our e-book featuring a number of internet marketing issues and I’m sure there will be something useful for everybody.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Torsten, I don’t understand. Explain please, Why are you working entirely free? Sometimes, I see it, you answer many questions. These answers need efforts and time. What profit do you have yourself. Why is it interesting for you to work entirely free? Perhaps, I don’t know something. Tell me, please. Probably, it is better to make this site for Germans or Russians with explanations in their native language. It can to attract much more people.

Dear Zulfiya,

As you know all the tests, materials and texts on our website are free for anybody to use as often as they want. There is no charge whatsoever. This is not the case with other EFL/ESL websites such as Before you get an answer or some advice from a trainer or teacher at Englishtown you first have to pay a certain Dollar amount. Our approach is different. We want to attract people like you to share experiences and ideas.
We want to keep an English only website, that means, anybody can take part in our discussions as long as they try to communicate in English. Why is this? Very simple. Our site is visited by people from more than 100 countries. If we start giving explanations in German, Russian or any other language than English we will soon lose all our visitors who don’t speak neither German nor Russian and that’s the majority of all users. I simply find it fair to use a ‘neutral’ language, that is, a second language - not your mother tongue. What is the point in learning English when you don’t use it? It’s like talking about how you have to drive a car without getting behind the wheel and actually starting the engine. With tools like Babylon Pro anyone who has access to the internet can participate in our forum and it’s open to any topic as long as we all can benefit from it.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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It is very clever. But there are no many paticipants of this forum. Probably, they are afraid of main and only one subject- Learning English. Maybe is better to talk about everything in English? I don’ t agree with you. It is impossible to take part in the forum in English,absolutaly unknowing English and using only dictionary. I would like to see you with dictionary of Chinese as a participant of forum in Chinese. It will be very interesting.( I think you don’t know this wonderful language, I am not sure)

Dear Zulfiya,

The quality of a forum doesn’t depend so much on the number of its participants as it depends on the topics and the participants’ ideas. When you read the introduction to our forum here you will find that it is open to any topic of interest. I agree with you - people don’t learn English because of the language itself but in order to achieve their purposes in life.
Again, anybody who wants to share their views is invited to so here on our forum. If you have found this website it is impossible that you don’t know English at all. In a globalized world like ours the vast majority of people with access to the internet know the English to a certain degree. If somebody feels uncomfortable to post a message in English they still can follow the discussions and at some point later they will be able to take part in the forum actively.
I know that our forum will get busier and we are getting ready for that.
Regarding the Chinese language - I do know a number of phrases but I can only speak them, I don’t know the Chinese characters so I can’t read or write in Chinese. Interestingly enough the word ‘tea’ stems from the Chinese word ‘za’ and it sounds similar to чай which was introduced to Russia by the Turks and the Turkish word for ‘tea’ sounds almost the same as чай.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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You know Torsten, I must admit Slava made very good Forum. It is very easy to communicate here. Was very interesting to know about ‘tea’ . I think ‘tea’ is the best beverage.

Hi Zulfiya,

Have you read Alan’s latest newsletter yet? You will find many interesting expressions with the word break in it such as Have a break - have a Kit Kat!
Incidentally, Alan himself is having a short summer break in mainland Europe.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten! I have read the latest newslatter. Thank Alan and you.
Incidentally I myself am having a short summer break too.
I wish Alan a wonderful summer break and I wish you a wornderful summer break too.
Zulfiya :slight_smile:

Hi Zulfiya,

Many thanks for your positive feedback. Enjoy the summer![YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten! I had an excellent vacation. I visited Israel.I was invited by my friends. That interestingly many people in Israel can speak English as well. I had not difficulties at all and communicating was really pleasure for me.
What about your vacation?
Thank you very much for your answer.

I am going to continue to learn English. As for me English helps me to feel freely .
From time to time I do( Or Make?) your tests and I feel it is very useful