How many expressions you can think of using prepositions?


What about seeing how many expressions you can think of using prepositions. Let’s start alphabetically. I’ll give some examples:


about to go what’s it all about? what about?


at school good at at war

You send your examples in and I’ll put some of them in sentences to show what the expressions mean.


After class look after go after

Alan, that is what i understand, do you want to play the word dragon game???

Alan, you probably know about 1000 expression with about or maybe even a few more. As for me, here are some about combinations:

I was about to leave when…
What’s this all about?
How did this project come about?
It’s good to have a mobile phone when you are out and about.

That’s about it I guess for this round…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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About time too!
But he’s not about to tell anyone.
Oh, while you’re about it, can you post this letter for me?
Up and about: She has fully recovered and is up and about again.
Tell me about it! They left tea cups lying about on the floor. There’s a lot of flu about at this time of year.
And now, how about a cup of tea?

Hi Conchita,

Nice one!


So this discussison is up and running again?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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