How I should practice with VOA tape and script?

Hello teachers,

I’ve got a question and will be most happy if you answer me.

I’ve got some files from VOA with their script but I don’t know how I shoud practice with them!!!

Would you please help me? I don’t know how many times and how I should read them

Thanks in advance

Hi Nasr, you can listen to the audio files while reading the text. Then you can write a summary of what you have heard on the recordings. As a matter of fact, you can post your summary here on the forum and we will make some suggestions.
What do you think?


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Hello Torsten, Writing summary?! Well, to date I’ve thought writing

summary is good for Writing. You know I’m looking for a way mostly to

improve my listening and speaking abilities.

Where do you stand on listening to the tape without looking at the

script (at first) then repeating what’s on the tape while looking at

the script?

How about recording my voice?

All the best,

Hi m1, you can record your voice by software which avaible in windowXP, let’s start>Programs>Accessories>Entertaimaint>Sound Recoder.

Hi Nasr,

Why did you get those VOA files? You said you want to improve your listening and speaking skills. How do you intend to accomplish your goal? Also, why are you concentrating on listening and speaking? It’s important for you to get a clear understanding of your goals so before I can answer any of your questions, I need some more information about your current situation.


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Hello Torsten,
First of all I thank you so much for helping me.
The fact is that When I speak English, everybody will get notified of my origin (where I was born). I want to get rid of it. So my goal = getting rid of my local accent, speaking near native English speakers (=improving my accent). I think I should change the word speaking with accent in my previous message.
Anyway I thought that the VOA files could help me.
Now… What should I do?
Once again thank you for helping me.

Hi Nasr, there are several things you can do to reduce your accent. First, you should raise your awareness of the differences between your pronunciation and the standard US English version. Listen to the speakers on your VOA files and analyze their accents/dialects. Second, you should read a text aloud and record your own voice. Then listen to your recording and try to find out what sounds you pronounce differently. Now, listen to the original recording again and try to imitate the speaker(s).
Finally, you should also be aware that reducing your accent is a process and it’s often more important to sound ‘natural’ rather than trying too hard to sound like somebody else. You should have a ‘healthy self-confidence’, this means, be aware of a good and clear pronunciation while at the same time you are yourself.

Let me know what you think.

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Hello Torsten,
I follow exactly what you suggested.
Thank you for guiding me.