How I envision my university life


In my opinion, university is a state that transit between teenagehood and adulthood. There are a variety of activities in college, enriches extracurricular campaigns, elated parties, and comprehensive lecture courses are inclusive. I wish I could take different classes in diverse territories, without confining myself to my majored department. Besides, I wish I could also take part in dynamic activities and get acquainted with people from all kinds of background as well as experienced multiculture. Moreover, college is also a perfect period to forge intimate relationship, which will surely benefits us in future life.
During my college time, I wish I could attain two essential achievements. For one thing, I hope I can grasp every opportunity, step overseas and discover beauty of the world. Not only can I view the world in an universal aspect but I can also have brand-new experiences. For another, I wish I could discover my real interest from the colorful university campus. In college, I’m encouraged to embrace all kinds of lectures and different knowledge. Via acquiring knowledge from diverse majors, I can have multiple chances to trial. Thus I can know my self even better. College is s state that affect us profoundly, I believe as I keep my original mindset, be brave, never step back, I could definitely live an optimal university life.


What role do you think is AI having on the role of universities in the future?


I think the prevalence of AI in education is inevitable, thus AI should be a indispensable tool in not only academic lecturing but also the arrangement of extracurricular activities.
However, I still believe that paper work has its advantages. In my opinion, I wish textbook teaching can exist perpetually. With the help of AI simultaneously, undergraduate students can learn in a dynamic way.