How I acquire English words

I had a chance to learn English from the British teachers, Jacky, Linda and Melissa in a British School in Sri Lanka in 1982. My father worked as an UNV doctor then. I learned from beginner 4 to advanced 1. 108 hours intensive courses. They called me Cojo.

One day jacky said, Cojo if you want to master languages you must master their words.

Since then I read dictionaries, thesaurus, vocabulary etc. But all in English as much as possible. When I have money I buy English books.

I play a bit of card games, so I win in most of the scrabble games in my neighbourhood. In a scrabble game you must know when to place and when to hold your scores. You can’t be so honest in games?

I joined foreign office and worked for them for 11 years. And for an international foreign firm for 6 years. I mean I learned more English then.

But for so many years I was on the street playboying again and I had lost in touch with my English thanks to the girls.

When I realized that my English became weaker, I tried almost all free English level tests, brushed my English up and improved it back. They all say I have advanced or expert level. And I regained my self confidence to carry on with my English.

Then I found the ETN as one of the best English site for its efficiency and its coaches’ high English skills, I laid my trust on them and I took a chance to raise my level back with their kind supports.

I just want to say, Where there is a will there is a way, Nothing venture nothing have and No pain no gain.

Things wouldn’t always be godsends? Gods are always busy with something or another. We have 7 billions Earth dwellers today. When they remember you, you are gone.

Now, I’m a learner cum teacher of English. I only learn and teach Oxford and Cambridge English for grammar, vocabulary, collocations, idioms, phrasal verbs, business English, ielts and toefl. Show must go on.

kind regards.

P.S- I’m not boasting. I’m saying how I learn English words.

Dear Bees.

I’d be happy if you could kindly correct my above paragraph. I feel that there are some unnatural phrases.

kind regards.

I don’t have time to play your games at the moment, sorry.

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Are they so free ? I wonder why we still have useless creatures until today. No wonder we still have poverty, famine , disease and wars. Those parasites!

They don’t seem to know how to be a decent human being.

kind regards.

Getting spams means people remember you, and they somehow envy you. More spams means more popularity. Kinda good in terms of free advertising.
Let them send more. And Thank them for their kind contributions to the ETN. We are to have more members. Great.

kind regards.

I only read books published by British publishing houses. To acquire standard English.

kind regards.