How green are you?


In the UK we seem to be a bit behind in our [color=green]green policies particularly in the area of recycling when compared with our European neighbours. How[color=green] green are things where you live or how [color=green]green do you personally think?


Hello Alan,

It’s a rule here to divide or separate your garbage to combustible and non-combustible. I do that commitedly. And I also recycle the milk cartons.

Recently I befriended an environment expert (lives next door to me), and she showed me a lot of ways to be friendlier to the environment. I don’t use tissue anymore, I own a shopping bag and bring my own chopsticks everywhere (instead of using wooden disposable ones).

Generally I think people in Japan are environment cautious, even small children, especially small children. And speaking about green, where I live now, is very green. They are mountains everywhere I look, there is even a paddy field at the back of my apartment!

Apparently that isn’t enough, almost everything in my room is green, being my favourite colour.


Hi NinaZara,

Are you allowed to use your own chopsticks in restaurants, for instance?

All the best


To me Poland seems to be more behind with green policy than the UK. The only part of rubbish that is sorted in my housing estate is plastick. It’s also sad that small children know more about pro-ecological habits than their parents. The number of containers only for glass or for aluminium cans is pathetic. People are forced to throw everything out to one dump because those special bins are full within 3 weeks and nobody cares that there is no room for other bottles and that refuse disposal isn’t done on time. I think we need an effective plan if this situation is to be improved. We all love our planet, don’t we?

When I fetched my Passat the VW rep proudly pointed out that it doesn’t run on “Biodiesel” so I guess don’t qualify as the most green car driver. However, since I had been without a car for almost 3 months until recently I picked up the habit of using the bycicle (the “pushbike” as some of my British friends say) when I travel through the city and I’m willing to keep it up.

Also, my Passat has got cute little computer that can tell me various types of data such as the average fuel consumption per trip. Yesterday I was able to make a trip on as little as 5.5 liters per 100 km so I maybe I’m not that “ungreen” after all…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Alan,
I think most people are green on green subjects. People all around the world have just been becoming aware of the subject so we can call them GREEN which means immature as far as I know. I know for sure that Torsten is a bit green on the subject because it is not that easy to be green by using less gas or biking around in town.
All the green for everyone,

Hello Englishuser,

Of course. I pay them, don’t I? :smiley:

Hello aydincelenk,

How do you know for sure Torsten is like that? Are you two close friends? Using less gas and biking around in town is healthy and evironmentally friendly enough to me.

People contribute in many ways.