How good is your English?


I started my English learning course about two months ago. When I started it, I felt that it would not be beneficial and helpful for me, but then, I admitted that I was wrong in my judgement. Moreover, I realized its importance and significance. In addition, I have improved my language to a great extent through this course. I came to know about minor mistakes of our every day situations in speaking and writing English. I don’t know about others but for me this English language course has turned out to be very useful, effective and advantageous.

I am interested in knowing my current English level.



Sir , I would say that I can read and write English , I can understand it quite well but the problem that I face is that I dont feel very confident when it comes to proper usage of grammar . Basically , I want to improve my grammar . I apprehensive about the face that the sentence that I am speaking might be grammatically incorrect . Lately I have realised that at times I use wrong prepositions .




Good evening Dear Torsten,

At begining, i would like to say you i am very hapy for your helping in english. So, i define an advanced learner english as a learner who can speak english fluently. He can hear, speak and write english easier than a beginner in english. He is able to work in english no problem.

Please, after you have checking my response, make up me to know. In the same time, can you test my level and say me?

Best regard

Élie Paré



Hi Everybody
I’m from Azerbaijan. As i love very much and adore UK, i have been learning English for 4 years. University helped me to improve my speaking, but still have problems in contacting with native speaker because of my astonishment. Please help me to get rid of this, what can i do?





I can’t say that by self, i think others can say something about it, but i know learned a lot from this organisation. I really appreciate you. But i still need more



I can’t say that by self, i think others can say something about it, but i know learned a lot from this organisation. I really appreciate you. But i still need more. Dare Dairo



I can’t say that by self, i think others can say something about it, but i know learned a lot from this organisation. I really appreciate you. But i still need more. Dare Dairo



I can’t say that by self, i think others can say something about it, but i know learned a lot from this organisation. I really appreciate you. But i still need more. Dare Dairo



Hi Torsten

I just read your question to ask my english level. I also read some of Englsh students gave their answers. For examples like Yulia, Regine and Nola.

As my country Indonesia, his customs, his habits of his peoples when we speaks foriegn languages, they aren’t symphatic. You may know that my country had been occupied by the Netherlands more than 350 years. So since our independence at August, 17, 1945, more of our peoples (not all), all of them thoughts as I mentioned above.

About me, the begining learning English language from Secondary School. When my old is twelves years. But not active. I mean when the lesson of English language only I learned English. I have ever learned in the Academic for Foriegn Language. Not English language only, but there are four foriegn languages I must be learned.

Fortunately for communications between lecturer with students, the English language is used. I have ever learned “phonetic” “poem” "I haven’t known what this type name, like NE’ER is meaning Never. SO’ER is meaning of so ever " and there many more the other samples. So I am absolluly very difficult to define my English level.

Latief agus



Dear Torsten.
It is a good news to know about advance people to want to higher level to lessons but for me is necessary more time to assimile every session, in this oportunity I answered the cuestionare about say Vs tell and I have problem to find the difference between these two words in spanish I use with the same meaning, why is it fifferent in English? Would you explaine me that, please.
Tnaks so much,
Be regards!



Hello Mr. Torsten,

I really interesting that question, but I don’t know how to answer it, but I think my English is very lower level, Sometimes when I read your email I think I can understand what that mail means. Maybe I’m not exactly right about it, but just try to get it. so I think I need some formula from all member here and specially from Mr. Torsten, about how to answer this question in right way. Hopefully, :slight_smile:

Many thanks,



Hi Torsten,
To give you the answer to your question" how advanced am I?" , I should ask myself a question first: “which of the four language skills do I consider is the most important?”
Majority of people would say"Speaking". Of course, it is the skill which springs to mind first when we think about learning a lanuguage. That’s why we so often ask questions:" Do you speak English?", not " Do you read French?" or " Do you listen to Russian?". One good reason for this may be that in many real life situations it is the ability to speak language- rather than read it, say- that’s critical.
However, it is also the case that we see the need to raise English for academic competence to level which will enable us to enter the very competetive world of the four skills ( listening, speaking, reading and writing ).
Longman Dictionary of Americam English defines “advanced” as “studying or relating to a school subject at a difficult level: an advanced student”. I can admit that I don’t have a satisfactory command of English. The knowledge of grammar structures and some words may not be enough for advanced level. I can’t mantain the flow of a conversation, or deal with tact and diplomacy to speak persuasively. On the other hand I am not a beginner. You may know the most sophisticated grammatical structures and still be unable to communicate.
Many thanks,



Dear all,

My name is Shoaib. I am new User of this forum, and even it is my first experience to use this site that how i am communicate with members of this forum? First of all, I will say about myself. I have no expertize to write a well English with grammatically. That’s why I joined this site for improve my English. As you know, English is the backbone of business, if you want a profitable business then must hire/ recruit well-experienced (have English language). I am one of them, but I am still facing a problem about my English that how it is to be improve. But I hope that I am member of this site now, and will best my language in future.

I want ask regarding English language, these are following;
*how i can write well, even i read well.

Thanks in Advance



Dear Mr. Torsten,

                    Hearty  greetings  from Phani.
                   On behalf  all my learners you should be appreciated on yours
                   the greatest effort to teach english .
                   Really  I  don't  know how to measure my self english skills.
                   But  I am sure that I'm poor at listening and speaking skills.

                                               Many thanks and warm Regards.


Good morning Torsten:

I agree with you. An advanced learner is someone who has full command of the language.
I don’t mind going over “easy” topics and exercises because sometimes I find new words.

Thank you for everything.



Hi Torsten
I know i’m so late but you know where i am? when i want to use internet i must go internet house and pay so i can’t get internet allways even if this i want to improve my english. For your question i saw some change but i don’t know which level am I?
Your sincerely…



hi i am getachew derso from ethiopia ,i would like u to say thank u ,coz’s u and i have interest in languge ,i have masters in maths but i dont have perfect language. i dont know what i am gone do? any way , i would like to exchange ideas with u so keep in touch bye



I don’t know how to measure my English ,but still I feel that I am bad and slowly and don’t have the dare to talk in English.



Hi Torsten,

It is very a very great pleasure to e-mail you for the first time. For more than three months I receive your emai lessons and I’m very happy with them because they provide me with sufficient additional information, which are useful for me and my learners. I also appreciate letters from other members of the forum, from which I also get useful information on their experience with English. From the time statrted reading your letters, I’ve noticed that I and my students as well still have a lot to learn.
Dieudonné Matari (DRC)



English isn’t my native language so I think that I will never get such ability to use English naturally. It isn’t easy to learn every word and know its meaning. In Polish we have one word and in english there is couple words describe the same things or features. For me it’s complicated.