How good is your English?


Hi Chinju! I’ve spotted your post and resolved to write a few lines of encouragement. I too am shy, even in my own language. I don’t know if that is your case. However, I can share some tips for building your confidence.

I find it useful to read sentences aloud, whether they be in an exercise or a newspaper and magazine.
I try to listen to the radio or watch a DVD or even a short video clip in English, identifying the sentences I’d like to be able to say myself. Sometimes they must be adapted to my own situation (and adapting them helps memorizing them).

I’ve noticed that, provided I do this regularly, all this makes me more confident when I have to speak to someone.

If you have difficulty understanding spoken English, you could do this: pick a recent newspaper article in your native language, look for an article on the same subject in English, then listen to the news in English. Since you already know some of the terms in both languages, you’ll find it easier to identify words and sentences or at least grasp the topic when it is talked about. For example, in the last few days I’ve read the latest on Libya on the BBC website, listened to the news on the same topic in my own language and listened to the news in English. I’ve been able to understand many of the things they were saying, because I already knew something about it. I also find it useful to replay the listening exercises on, at least three times, after which I translate and repeat the sentences.

Anyway, my best advice is the following: you should try to enjoy talking to anyone no matter what. Some people may look down on you, but you’ll certainly find others who won’t judge you!


Thats a great idea “exercise” Betty

But young Childrens books(5-8) are great too
With lots of great pictures explaining everything without even translating.

Kids books rule OK!!


I think level of english can be defined in this way, the extent to which some one can understand written, or spoken english and able to speak or adress something in english and listeners can understand and respond.

my level of English is not that good but i really don’t know how to measure… well, i can listern and understand at least 98% of story or any reading but broplem comes in speaking, i sometimes speak fluent to the extent tat people tell me you i good in english yet i consider myself not good in english, sometimes i do not know what actually hapens because i can find myself not comfortabe to speak english and make mistakes. how can i improve ? and how can i measure my level of english?
thnak you,


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Hi everyone,
I’ve been studying English for over six years. I think it’s quite difficult to say the exactly level of each person because this also depends on their own interest and effort. At my class in the language school not everyone has the same level even when we are in the same course. I’ve done several test on Internet and they’ve always shown I have an upper intermediate level. It doesn’t matter.we should keep studying regulary in order to learn a second language. As a matter of fact, we need to be able to comunicate regardless of what our level is.


I think I can compare my english skills with other people. I talk with them about any thing then I will know how good they are.
I want you help me to tell me the differences between “say” and “tell”.


i m form Pakistan i m leaving in Karachi i thinks for your stale very good
i m very week in English writing
pleas next time tell how can achievement prov spieling


Hello everyone, I’m Trang, I come from Vietnam, I studied English for nearly 10 years but I think English really is difficult, it has many new words, grammar that I can not remember is, if you ask me my english how, I can only say that my english is very bad, and I really want to improve it better, so you can help me, help me improve it. thanks.


Hi Trang,

Nice to meet you here. You’re most welcome in this forum. You’ve got a reasonable basis for learning English as you studied it for 10 years. Hope you’d study the lessons attentively and regularly which are posted to you. And, of course, take part in this forum as much as possible. I’m sure it would be of great fun for you!

Bye for now!



Dear Mr. Torsten,

In your email English Lesson number 15, you define “Advanced” is :

  1. He knows how to type without spelling errors and how to use an Internet forum.
  2. He reviews what he has already learned to make sure he has really got the basics right.
  3. He doesn’t forget to start a sentence with a capital letter and to end a sentence with a full stop.

Regarding to it, I think I don’t qualify for the “advanced category” yet.

In this forum you asked, “How would you define your level of English? What is your level of English and how did you measure it?”

I measured my level of English by comparing with members in this forum. I found and realized that many of them were better than me. It won’t make me being pessimistic. Otherwise, it motivates me to learn English more consistent, intensive and efficiently. Thanks to God I had passion for learning everything and I’ve never been shy of it.

Also thanks to all of you, because of you I can improve my English.

Dear Mr. Torsten, I look forward for the next lessons.



Hello Ryand,

It’s nice of you to come up with a self-assessment! Through this you set some most important goals for yourself.

As you’re mentally prepared with lot of positive ideas and high level of motivations - all great results now are to reap by yourself! And we’re there to witness and celebrate the successes to come!

With warm regards,



I think the best thing to measure your abilities through tests , speaking fast without mistakes is needed ,but we cannot abandon our Own language ,it is areal problem . And the second thing i am in a bad need to be fast in typing on computer and I donot HOW?
the poor to God MUSTAFA


the answer to this question is not always so simple for all. to judge the level there is always a requirement of an expert. Only an expert can tell that how good our english is. As it is often said that for good english vocabulary should be strong. We should start speaking english with short sentances. we should listen the other people’s conversation carefully and there is a need of confidence and practice to make your english good.


Hello Mustafa,

If you want improve your typing skills you can learn how to type. For more on that you might want to read this: How fast can you type?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: Down hill skiing[YSaerTTEW443543]


I think “advanced learner” is a person who has a good knowledge of a language he/she learns. He/ she knows vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation/ intonation.And I am trying to be an advanced learner.


Hi Mr Torsten.
Im writing in response to your question in lesson 15. I’m not advanced learner . I have a lots to improve but I never forget to start sentence with a capital letter and to end sentence with a full stop.
Kind regards


Hi My Friend!
I’m Dani.

Tell is used between 2 human.
ex, Tell me your name.
Tell him what u want.
I cant tell him.
John told me that.
I told u.
But say is used in as bellow:
I say.
Say a word.
I did not say that.
What do u say?


Hi, I’m a Brazilian guy. My native language is Portuguese and currently I’m studying English in Cultura Inglesa School, at Sao Paulo - Brazil.
Well, my in the school is intermediary. However, I study with any material you send me. Thanks, bye.


I thing that english class are very dificult, when you don¨t practic spick


Hey folks!
I read every lesson they’d sent to me. What the point for them to sent me a special mail? We’re all have diffrent level of English but in’s not bad at all to start up from the beginning.
In addition I’ll put here one of my favorite quotes
“You will learn by the numbers! I’ll teach you!” (Hartman/ Full Metal Jacket)