How do you assuage the critics....?

I’ve been learning English for quite a while and today I came across the verb “to assuage” for the first time in the sentence “How do you assuage the critics sitting in the audience today…”.

I would like to share this experience with you so that you can better memorize the word.

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This is advanced vocabulary. I know the meaning of the word, so obviously I’ve heard/read it before, but it’s very rarely used.

A synonym might be placate, which is another rarely used word, but somewhat more common than assuage.

Dispel any concerns” is a good substitute. Since it has a more positive feel than the original text, it might be a better choice for business, marketing and PR.


I agree that ‘placate’ would be an excellent choice here. ‘Assuage’ is a word giving more the idea of relieving or reducing the level of something abstract like - worries, fears, concerns, anxiety and I don’t really believe you can use it with a noun referring to a person… In other words rather than ‘assuage the critics’ more ‘assuage the criticisms’. Perhaps also ‘appease the critics’. ‘Assuage’ let’s be honest is an obscure word and for me smacks a lot of pomposity!


I’d go for appease.

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