How do we use the word 'a scribe' correctly?


Is it ‘normal’ to use the word scribe in the technical text to refer to the (clerical, secretarial) role of a person in some kind of team meetings?

(The text I’m reading is written in AmE (and the book itself has been published in the US) , but the author seems to be not a native English speaker.)

Hi Tamara,

Using the word scribe in the sense you want would to me appear slightly jocular if you referred with that title to the person taking the minutes of a meeting. A minute clerk would be the official description. Scribe to my ears is really someone like the medieval scribe copying texts of a religious or historical nature.


Thanks a lot, Alan, for your response. I often need such a feedback…

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I myself have never met a scribe in the area.


Techies are just plain different. They live on a different planet and have their own special dialect. :lol: