How do we use the verb 'should' in reported speech?

Hey All,
Would You guys tell me, if I’d like to use the ‘should’ world in reported speach which tense I have to use?
For example if I say: I told him that he should get out of there, would that be correct gramatically?
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Hi Spencer,

Yes, that’s fine. I assume the direct speech is: Get out of here, which is an order.

Would could be used as follows:
Direct: I will be coming to the concert.

Indirect: He said he would be coming to the concert.


If I don’t have to put the should word in past tense, is there any other which keeps it’s original form in reported speach?


It depends what tense the reporting verb is in. The other way of expressing this is to use the infinitive after told as in: He told me to get out.


If I sad " You won’t see me again "
then I sad to him that he wouldn’t see me again, right?
So if I sad " You should not see me again "
then I sad that he should not see me again.
Becouse the word should can’t be put in past tense so easy?
What about the must word for exaple?
Thank You for being patient with me

Hi Spencer!
For “must”, you simply use “had to”,i.e. “You must work hard,” I told him.
Reported speech would be: I told him he had to work hard.