how do movies or tv influence people’s behavior?

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Television is everywhere. Nowadays we can’t imagine our lives without it. There are many scientific researcher about how do movies or TV influence people behavior. Many parents don’t allow their children to watch TV. Many people can’t leave without television.
The good point about television that it helps us to relax and escape. We forget about our problems when we’re watching a movie. In movies everything seems so easy compared to the real life. That’s why some people prefer to escape from their problems, they watch TV day after day instead of living their own life.
Some parents think that television influences negatively on their children and limit it. I share this point of view. Watching TV is a passive activity. It means it is not healthy. Also children don’t use their imagination . And of course there is a lot violence on TV. Eventually, children become lazy and unhealthy. Violence doesn’t seem wrong to them.
Of course, television can influence negatively on people’s behavior. Especially on children’s behavior. It depends on what we watch and how much. In my opinion television or movies won’t be the first choice for person with the sated life.

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You should have drawn a conclusion at the end of your essay.
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Movies and television influence people in many different ways. A lot of people spend a lot of their leisure time for watching TV or movies. There is no doubt that people are not affected by movies or television. They are influenced in social as well as consumer behavior and their mood.

Firstly, they are influenced in their social behavior. Television is one important channel for information, what happens in the world? Humans were sensitized for vitally topics in the world by news. Maybe people could change their attitudes by watching TV or movies. It is sometimes pretend by the actors or the shows, how we should or could think and what are the best values. They set customs.

Consumer behavior is definitely influenced by TV and movies. One reason is the advertisement, which is made during the break. The goal of the advertisement is to stoke demand. To set preferences and trends is another possibility to affect people in their manner. Actors wear modern clothes; drive fast and modern cars, which people like to buy.

Shows and documentations are often illuminate issues very unilateral. So, if people do not think about the other side, they could form an indiscriminate opinion. When people spend a majority of their spare time for watching TV or movies, then they lose the contact to the society and also, they lose the sight of reality. Watching TV is very easy and it claims the brain on a low level.

In conclusion, nowadays TV and movies play a big role in the life of the mankind. Formerly, where TV and movies didn’t exist, people spend more time with exposing with other human beings or sport activities. It could be possible that on that process, people diminish their social competence.