How do movies or television influence people’s behavior


It’s common that nowadays almost everyone watches TV programs or movies as entertainment. The introduction of such media ushers in the modern era that people can’t live without them. Not only can we keep abreast of latest news, but we can also view it as a bridge that connect us with the world. What’s more, we can gain relief from the hustle and bustle, and let out of our negative emotion by watching a funny comedy or talk show. In addition, we can learn to be more vigilant and cautious after enjoying an outrageous thriller. Movies or TV shows is a brief depiction of live that have a multitude of influence on modern people.
Despite of the fact that movies or TV can serve as a beneficial tool that illuminate our lives of darkness. It does pose some threats to our health. My major concern is its chronic impact on our optical problem. It’s suggested that those who watches movies or TV programs tend to have a higher chance to be nearsighted. This, with the prevail of such media, the percentage of people with poor eye sight is raising increasingly. Last but not least, I believe it’s also a reason that tear people apart, leading people to an extent that many diminish the opportunity to interact. I’m convinced that we modern people should make the most of the media yet appropriately. In this way, we can indulge ourselves in the beauty of movie art and the excitement of TV programs.


Hi 1119. I think your writing is clear, but this essay could have been formatted better. Even with such a short essay, it is best to have a clear thesis statement. Your essay does not really have a thesis statement, so the reader is sort of left wondering what the main point you are trying to prove is. I think your main idea is that media has a big influence over people, both good and bad. So make sure you include something like that early in the essay to guide the reader through your idea. Here are some other specific suggestions:


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