How do movies or television influence people’s behavior? Use reasons and specific

The behavior of people have various influences. Some people have the idea that social interaction with family or friends are the main way. However many others thing that Television and movies influence over a great impact too. In my opinion I believe that media has influenced on conduct for following reasons.

First, at the present time many viewers are children, who have not strong values in difference between right and wrong. They occasionally imitate they behavior from TVs programs such as movies, TV soaps or series. For example, if a child on TV get something what she or he really wants by crying, stealing or other inaccurate way, a child may copy this manner and they probably would do the same. Therefore, the child has learned wrong values and these would be affected in their future behavior.

Second, movies and TVs programs show largely list of heroes, many of them achieve their goals by fighting. Children associate in a good way to accomplish their objectives because parents hope to do. For instance, if a child wants to win a prize at school and they are under the pressure of their family for receive happiness or money, he or she would likely compete in a wrong way by destroying other projects. To get back to the point, in their adult life they would possibly be succeed but under violence.

It is very important to focus in TV guide and movies because it affects directly on manner of persons by imitating improper conduct and achieving their targets in bad way. In conclusion media influence strongly in people behavior, we must educate since the person is a child to distinguish what is wrong and keeping good values.

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a student and her coach